3-24-20 Tuesday

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Things I’ve been doing lately.

Trying my very best to take a decent picture of this tree in the yard across the street. This picture doesn’t do it justice – it is absolutely gorgeous, like something you’d see in a movie, and every time I go by the window I stop and look at it. Of course, with the NEVERENDING RAIN, I can’t get a decent picture. Ah well, maybe next year.

For years – FOR YEARS, and I do not exaggerate – I’ve been trying to figure out a way to organize all the feather teasers we have on hand. At some point in the past I asked Fred if he thought a piece of PVC cut to two different lengths would work, and I don’t remember what his reasoning was, but he pooh-poohed the idea and came up with some other way to organize them that DID NOT WORK – I think a couple of hooks on the wall? And then a few months ago I was hanging out in the kitten room and began thinking yet again about how annoying I find it to leave feather teasers lying all over the room because they get knocked onto the floor and dragged around and then I can’t find one when I desperately need a kitten to look at me. And I happened to glance up on the shelf and saw a shipping tube, and a light went on over my head. I had Fred cut the tube in two pieces, I affixed the tubes to the wall with Command picture hanging strips, and voila. I could not be more pleased with this solution that I came up with, though it’s a little plain and those tubes could probably use some cat stickers on them. (Note: there are caps at the bottom of each tube that stop the teasers from sliding through to the floor.)

Note: This next section has mention of cats we’ve had who have passed on. If reading about them might make you sad, you 100% have my permission to skip down to the next section (not that you need my permission, of course, but don’t feel bad if you want to skip this next bit!)

I dislike the urns the pet crematorium provides us with (there’s nothing wrong with them, I just don’t personally care for them; I find them a little boring and impersonal), and so one day while I was in Michael’s, I spotted these photo cubes (which were unpainted.) I grabbed a couple and found some paint I liked, and then I painted them. Okay, yes, I did put two cats in each cube, but they’re cats who pretty much got along with each other (Maxi and Kara had no beef with each other, and Frankie and Stefan would hang out with no ensuing kerfuffles). I printed out two pictures of each cat and alternated them so that no matter which way the cubes are turned (oh yeah, there’s a spinny thing on the bottom of the cubes) you can see a picture of both cats who are in each container. (Yes, I did take the ashes out of the urns they were in; they’re in plastic bags marked with each cats’ name and date of cremation.) This makes me wish that we’d had all the cats who are buried at Crooked Acres cremated instead… but at that point we never thought we’d want to move. And those cats were all very happy at Crooked Acres, so I’m not too sad to think of their remains still there.


Oh that pretty, pretty girl.

Alejandro in the GoPets wedge, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to come along that he can GRAB and BITE.

Pablo doing the same – but looking much less schemey about it.

Oh, that Javier!

Both Alejandro (in the background) and Pablo eating, each in his own way.

It’s a Diego pie, is what it is.

All 5 kittens on the doll bed! That’s Alejandro belly-up, Pablo on the right, Carmelita looking up, and Diego and Javier snoozing in the back.

I’ll tell you what, I think Pablo’s got a touch of the loon about him.

Isabella keeping an eye on those sleeping kittens. “You don’t wake them, lady. I just got ’em to sleep.”


Khal wonders why I keep making it rain. Where’s the sun? WHERE IS THE SUN? I wish I knew, Khal.

Those of you who want to see Khal’s squeak, here you go. Usually if I stop petting him he squeaks and squeaks at me, but will he perform on video? Of course not. I just got one little squeak from him this time.

YouTube link


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