3-24-16 Thursday

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These kittens are utterly mystifying to me. They approach the opening to the crate, they could climb over it if they wanted to, but they are completely uninterested in exploring outside the crate.

Susie and the Ears of Nope.

“Why would I go outside the crate when there are so many mysteries inside it?” asks Art Vandelay.

“I’m fine here,” says Princess Consuela.

“I am skeptical that there really is a world outside the crate,” offers Chanandler Bong.

They’d rather sleep than consider the question, thanks.

Princess Consuela considers the issue of “Outside the crate” for a moment.

“THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT THAT.” (Not familiar with that gesture? Here ya go.)

“Wasn’t there a doorway around here somewhere?” Chanandler asks.

“But we are so wittle and the world is so big!”

It just occurred to me that y’all might think this post is going to end with a kitten venturing forth. Nope, sorry. It hasn’t happened. It might never!

I’m wondering if the fact that Regina is such an attentive mother might be the issue. They don’t have to go looking for her, because she returns to the crate at the slightest peep from them. She leaves the crate plenty, but she’s never far away.

Ken Adams, sound asleep with a tiny bit of tongue showing. Silly boy.

We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on here with Bert Macklin.

Art Vandelay, with the tip of his tongue showing.


I made a couple of timelapse videos of the kittens last weekend – they were sleeping, I was messing around with my iPhone. I made two videos that cover about 10 minutes in 30 seconds. If you ever wonder why kittens sleep so much, it’s because they never stop MOVING. Sleeping is exhausting, and they need more sleep!

YouTube link.


“Lady, someone needs to scrub the mildew off this air unit, or I’ll be writing you a ticket. You hear me?”


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3-24-16 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Art Vandelay and the tiny head tilt! Oh my gosh! Twice! I think he’s doing that because he’s got one ear ready and waiting for the phone to ring so he can hire his latex salesman! 😉
    Good heavens, how many tickets a week do you get from Sheriff Momma? And why hasn’t she jailed you yet??

  2. Aww. They will be out roaming around soon enough. Then there’s trouble. So sweet.

  3. Love the time-lapse video and how someone just couldn’t resist reaching in at the end to pet the kitten pile!

  4. Robyn you are an artist. I love this post. And you are going to do jail time if Sheriff Mama has her way. She just has to catch you. Do we need to start a Go Fund Me to pay your fines?

  5. I do believe that’s Susie and the YODA Ears of Nope. (Oooh….sounds like a band name, doesn’t it!)

    I think these wee ones are smart and are going for a Concentration of Cute in their crate. Trying, perhaps, to drill a hole in the universe to allow the cute to permeate everywhere at once?

    Thanks for the smiles today. They really are beyond adorable!

  6. Wonderful post! I wouldn’t leave a comfy crate like that if I had everything I needed either. So so cute.

  7. With her “THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT THAT,” Princess C. has made my morning. And let it be known that Art Vandelay is making my every day.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose house is patrolled by a petite brown tabby teen mom Sheriff Mama. Kara has her paws full! Mine is named Giselle.

  9. I think Art is going to look the most like his Momma. I love her long face and lanky body. She is a good Mom.

  10. They get out and fly around when you aren’t looking.. and in between the spaces of the recordings..

    Yes, I know that sounds crazy.. but think about it..

  11. Lol, kittens! Art Vandelay seems to have a big little noggin’ in the 2nd picture. Maybe it’s the angle? Or maybe he’ll be the genius of the litter! Or not.

    Is that a bit of a shaved spot The Sheriff has on her back leg?!

  12. Your comments about them not wanting to leave the crate made me think of the movie “Room”.