3-25-16 Friday

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Good heavens, how many tickets a week do you get from Sheriff Momma? And why hasn’t she jailed you yet??

We get a lot of threats of tickets, but no actual tickets from the Sheriff. She’s maybe not the best at follow-through.


I think this has someone of interest to you

Okay, that’s creepy. And creepy. And also? CREEPY!


Have you thought about naming a future litter after secondary characters from TV shows? Like Gunther, Janice, Newman, Fun Bobby (lol), etc.?

I love this idea! I’ve added these names, but need suggestions for more! Ursula works, right? We can’t use Newman because we had a Newman (holy cow, how has it been almost 5 years already?!), but I’d love to hear suggestions. What was the neighbor on Home Improvement? Wilson! I’m going to add that, too. We probably don’t want Ugly Naked Guy, though, do we?

(That reminds me – one of the names Fred suggested for this litter was Mulva. HA!)


Does anyone know why the photos from the posts would stop showing up when I’m trying to read this in Feedly? they used to always work, but the last week or so they just don’t show up and I have to click through to the site. Thanks.

I have no idea why this would suddenly start happening – I checked it on my Feedly from my desktop and iPad, and the pictures are showing up okay. I haven’t changed anything as far as how I’m uploading or linking pictures, so I’m at a loss.

Is this happening for anyone else? Any idea as to what’s going on?


By the way, if you have a Krogers near you, check there for Gerbers. Apparently they are going to plastic jars and what they have in glass is half price.

I did stop by Kroger Wednesday when I was out running errands – I think the baby food they’ve got on sale is the stuff for older babies, mixed fruit and such. The glass jars of chicken baby food weren’t on sale, but they were a few cents cheaper than Target, so that was cool.

In this area, at least, Gerber baby food is cheapest at Publix (although now that I’ve said that, I realize I haven’t checked Walmart lately, so it might be a little cheaper there). At Target, they’re $1.02 a jar, at Kroger $1.00 a jar, and at Publix 99 cents. I hit up every grocery store in the area (except for Walmart) and I am STOCKED on baby food!


When kitten ears pop up, does it make a sound?

They do it slowly and then all at once. It sounds like “Creeeeeeeak….creeeeeeeak….creeeeeeeak…::SPROI-OI-OI-OING!!!::”


Yeah, Mama Regina does look like she’s having the life sucked out of her, only to be put right onto those chubby little kittens of hers! I know she’s getting a ton of snacks! How many snacks does she get per day?

Right now she gets 5 – 6 snacks a day, usually a can of cat food, a jar of baby food, and a bowl of one of those “broth”- type packets. I determined yesterday that she likes the “gravy” Fancy Feast food. Well… she liked them yesterday, I’m sure that today she’ll want nothing to do with that kind of food!


What kind of Uncle would Joe Bob be? Would be all “kids! It’s Uncle Joe Bob!!! Who wants to play with my tail!?!!?”. Or would he be all “nope not happening” at the thought of kittens

Joe Bob would hop aboard his Nopetopus and ride away, nope-ing all the while.


I’d mentioned previously the travails of Oldman Cat at Lawyers, Guns & Money. Well, his human has since set up a Facebook page where you can get pure, unadulterated Oldman Cats (there are two, Mund and Virgil). Funny, absurd—with much swearing.

I love that Facebook page!


I just saw this on buzzfeed – look at # 16.

Oh, goofy George. “THIS GUY” is right!


Is that a bit of a shaved spot The Sheriff has on her back leg?!

Good eye! Yes, she had an abscess on her back leg that needed to be cleaned.


Pile o’ sleepies.

Art Vandelay is killing me dead here.

You think Susie loves her mama a little?

Poor Princess Consuela. “Mo-o-o-m! I’m CLEAN!”


“What goin’ on out there, lady?” asks Bert Macklin.


Princess Consuela, trying to figure me out.


I swear, I’m going to just squeeze the stuffing out of Art Vandelay.


The floofy Princess Consuela in the sun.

Chanandler “Skeptical” Bong.

Regina Phalange, thinkin’ Deep Thoughts.

Ken Adams, with both his paws on Susie’s head, looks like a fortune teller with his paws on a crystal ball.

I would say that Bert Macklin has himself a case of The Loons.

Yesterday, I put a folded-up pad just outside the crate opening, and another one just inside. None of the kittens showed any interest – okay, most of them were sleeping – so I picked up Art Vandelay and set him outside the crate. He sniffed around a little, turned, and went back into the crate.

I guess he told ME.

So a few hours later I zipped open the panel on the side of the crate, closed the panel on the end of the crate, and turned the whole thing so that the open side was facing the room. Almost immediately, Princess Consuela came out of the crate, followed closely by Art Vandelay. They checked out the area around the crate, closely supervised by Regina, and eventually made their way back into the crate. When I went in to bring Regina her late afternoon plate of baby food, the babies were playing, and eventually they all left the crate. Bert Macklin and Chanandler Bong went back into their safe space almost immediately, but the other four bellied up to the milk bar.

Let the games begin!


Video proof of the kittens (well, Art Vandelay and Princess Consuela, at least) leaving the crate.

YouTube link.


Jobey Joe (Joe Bob), and the Eyes of Lurve.


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3-25-16 Friday — 18 Comments

  1. Oooh, I have an idea. Block off the crate for a few hours so they CAN’T come out. Then when you unblock the crate, they will REALLY want to come out. It works for me!

    • As of this morning, Art and Princess Consuela came right out of the crate. Ken eventually came out – the other three were all “Nope.” I guess it’ll take time, but at least we have SOME movement!

  2. “Ken Adams, with both his paws on Susie’s head, looks like a fortune teller with his paws on a crystal ball.” – actually it looks like you or Fred were saying bad words and Ken was covering Susie’s delicate ears! Ha!

  3. What was the name of Chandler’s creepy stalker/room mate during the episodes when Joey moved out? And how about Louise, George and Lionel from All in the Family?

    Princess Consuela looks like a delicious little piece of s’more…

  4. does anyone else now have an urge to send Kara a tiny pad of paper and pen to write tickets or is that just me???

    Oh Art – that can’t be comfortable. And Ken looks like he is putting the mind meld on Susie….. as for the crate, they apparently were just waiting for a bigger door 🙂

  5. Have you checked Aldi’s and Big Lots for baby food? I can well imagine it’s even cheaper there!

    • I’ve checked Big Lots – they didn’t have the chicken baby food. I’m pretty sure I checked Aldi’s, but I don’t remember if they had it. Probably not – I’m sure I would have remembered if they did!

  6. And getting away from sitcoms, but sticking with the 60s, how about Illya Kuriyakin, Scott Robinson, Agent 99, Rollin Hand, Artemus Gordon, Cinnamon Carter and Barney Collier? (Can you tell I loved spy stories back then?)

  7. I also have suddenly had problems with Feedly on Windows 10. Feedly probably changed something.

    I thought the creepy meow video had two cats that are similar to Alice and Stinkerbelle

  8. Aww! I have very rarely been around such young kittens, and sometimes it’s hard to get a sense of scale from photos. That video, where the bottom part of the crate opening is a Nearly Impassable Barrier, their Everest, really gets across just how tiny and a bit clumsy they still are.