3-23-16 Wednesday

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The Fakers are three weeks old as of yesterday, and you know what that means! That’s right, comparison pictures of each of them at 1, 2, and 3 weeks old. Also, a portrait of each kitten. They’re old enough now that when I point the camera at them and make a noise, they’ll look in my general direction. Of course, they’re also old enough to flail wildly while Fred holds them, so those pictures have become a bit harder to get. Oh well – it’s a trade-off.

Here they are, in alphabetical order.

Art Vandelay.

Bert Macklin.

Chanandler Bong.

Ken Adams.

Princess Consuela.


Regina Phalange and her gorgeous eyes and fabulous whiskers.

Pile o’ 3 week old kittens, looking grumpy.

Same kittens, different configuration.

I love this picture not only because they’re lined up, but also because you can see the color difference in the two gray kittens. Bert Macklin, on the left, is much lighter than Princess Consuela.


You have to look very closely, but if you do you’ll see Sheriff Mama (Kara) in the house on the left and Archie in the house on the right. This is unusual because Archie usually prefers to be inside our house, curled up in one bed or another. But it had been raining for days, so I guess he figured that even if he was in the cat house, he was still outside.


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3-23-16 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. Oh the ears! the itty bitty ears migrating up their heads! So cute! Almost there, little ones, almost! I know it’s the angle of the picture or whatever, but it looks like little Suzie’s left ear is not taking the journey to the top of her head at the same speed as the right ear!
    How are you not kissing these kittens to death yet?

  2. Regina is so gorgeous! If it weren’t for her coloring/eyes I’d say she was a Siamese…she just has the body shape and everything.

  3. Princess Consuela seems to have a ton of personality. From the open mouth of outrage to the portrait right up in the lens. Dig that girl!

  4. Such great pics! You have to include this post as one of the “favorites” please.

  5. Does anyone know why the photos from the posts would stop showing up when I’m trying to read this in Feedly? they used to always work, but the last week or so they just don’t show up and I have to click through to the site. Thanks.

    I love those little faces. especially now that I am sans cat.

  6. Damn, those are cute babies… I say this with every litter, but – how is it you have not squeezed the stuffing out of their tubby little tummies?!? Susie and Art Vandelay…

    Have you thought about naming a future litter after secondary characters from TV shows? Like Gunther, Janice, Newman, Fun Bobby (lol), etc.?

  7. It’s a good thing I don’t live near you, because I think I, who have vowed not to get anymore pets after my current ones pass away, would have to take in Princess Consuela and Chanandler. They’re killing me with the cute.

  8. All that cuteness is just toooo much to handle. Don’t know how you two do it, but we are glad you do.