3-16-20 Monday

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They’ve discovered if they push against this cabinet door it thuds, so Pablo is a little bit obsessed with pushing on it.

“So I push on the door and it goes THUNK! THUNK! THUNK!”
“Cool story, bro.”

Alejandro has a think.

“Mama, that weird lady is lookin’ at me again.”
“Just ignore her, Pablo. She’ll go away eventually.”

“Javier, look at this toy! What a cool toy!”

“And it smells DELIGHTFUL.”

Line ’em up.

“Carmelita, close your mouth. You’re snoring again!”

When the milk bar walks away before you’re done.

Diego, fuming.

Speaking of Diego, I misspoke when I said he looks like an angry meatball. He looks like a rain frog. The one at the top of this page, to be exact.


“Is it nap time, lady? Because I need a nap, and specifically I need to walk across your ribs and drool on your face before I can properly nap.” That Khal, so demanding.


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2018: Today marks 24 days since Kristi came to us. She is now officially the mama kitty who has made us wait the longest.
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2016: Next up, their ears will start stampeding upwards and they’ll start to look more like little cats and less like unformed blops of clay with pink noses and toeses.
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2012: I’ve had a lot of searches recently where people appear to be looking for the Emmy’s-alien-belly video that I shot the day before she gave birth. Here ’tis.
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