2-9-16 Tuesday

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Look who it is!

That is Peanut (formerly known as Pattypan), our sweet little bottle baby from last summer. Kim reports that Peanut is growing up way too fast – and definitely knows how to get their attention. (Thanks, Kim!!)

This is what she looked like back in August, just in case you don’t remember (and because I just love that picture of her!)


Koko gets out her slappin’ paw.

She doesn’t care for the feather teaser if it’s wildly waving around above her head, but she likes when it’s around eye level.

Pretty girl.

Koko does Downward Facing Kitteh.


Yesterday, I took Koko to the vet. All of a sudden Sunday afternoon, she started acting SUPER friendly, and then Sunday night she started howling and howling – acting like a cat in heat, basically. I’ve had mama kitties act like they were in heat while pregnant in the past, but it always passed pretty quickly for them, and with Koko it seemed to be continuing on (alllll night long). I figured I’d take her to the vet and let the vet tell me for sure if Koko is pregnant.

(Fred is pretty sure she is, for the record.)

So I got Koko to her appointment and… I still don’t know. The vet pointed out that Koko’s mammary sacs feeling like they’re starting to fill, and her abdomen is pretty big. BUT, did you know that they (“they” being “people who know what they’re doing” as opposed to, say, me) can really only feel kittens at the very beginning or very end of a pregnancy?

I, personally, did not know that.

They did an x-ray from the side, and… no kittens were visible. BUT, did you know that kittens don’t show up on an x-ray until about 45 days after conception because their bones are so soft?

Another thing I, personally, did not know.

The vet said that they could do another x-ray from the top, but I didn’t want to stress Koko out any further. The vet also said that she thought there was a pregnancy test they could do, but it would require having blood taken and it would need to be sent out, and I didn’t really see the point of that, either.

I was SO SURE I was going to get a definite answer, so I was disappointed. Though I guess I did get an answer, in a way – if she’s pregnant, she’s certainly not about to have them at any moment, and in fact I guess this means that she’s less than 45 days along.

WHICH MEANS WE’VE GOT A WHILE TO WAIT (usual gestation period for a cat is 63 – 67 days).

While we’re waiting, here’s a video of Koko in the middle of the night (I think it was about 1 am) hopping around, tail floofed, playing with a piece of kibble. That girl is a nut.

YouTube link.


Alice Mo stares judgmentally at me from her spot atop the cabinets. (Alice and Stinkerbelle have worked out a timeshare arrangement for the top of the cabinets wherein Alice is allowed up there – as far away from Stinkerbelle as possible – until Stinkerbelle decides that she isn’t, and then Alice finds somewhere else to hang out. It seems to work fairly well!)

YouTube link.


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2-9-16 Tuesday — 40 Comments

  1. Ohmygosh! That video of Koko… hilarious! Could it possibly be that while unaware of the overhead cam – and only at night – she can relax and let her guard down? It’s as if she is ‘dancing’… “They think I’m pregnant, they think I’m pregnant, I’m getting spoiled, I’m getting spoiled..” (hehe, a few more weeks of the ‘lift a leg, any leg, and stare blankly into space… a few more weeks of the chicken delicacy three times a day… I can pull this off… I’m cute enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it – people like me!) Either way, Koko is a beauty and looks to be a very sweet girl – enjoying the photos each and every day!

  2. Wow, I am surprised they did not do an ultrasound instead of an x-ray. If she is pregnant, you’d have at least two and a half weeks, and no more than six weeks. I have been wondering…

    I notice that in the past, when you’ve had fakers, you usually get an actually pregnant cat afterwards, like Maura (Maggie) and Lilybet (Kate). Maybe the same thing would happen if Kokomo turned out to be a faker!

    • It’s funny how we all now wonder about fakers! Hahahaha. This could be a good fundraiser. Spot the faker! πŸ™‚

    • They didn’t offer an ultrasound as a possibility, or I’d have been all over that – I’m not sure if they have an ultrasound machine (though… that sounds like something that would be standard at a vet’s office?)

      Maybe Koko was sent in to hold the space in the foster room while my “real” pregnant mama is out there getting in the family way! πŸ™‚

      • Ultrasound does seem like it would be standard but I know that my vet didn’t have one until recently. I think that many vets aren’t as experienced with pregnant cats because they don’t see pregnant cats very often if they’re mainly treating people’s pets.

        • I think you’re right! (Fred called our vet today to see if they have an ultrasound machine – they’re located about 10 minutes from us, which is much better than the hour round-trip drive to the Challenger’s House vet – and they don’t. Darn!)

  3. Yay Pattypan, er Peanut. Such a pretty girl. I am so happy for her. Rough start and now the lap of luxury and love. I do think that Koko is faking. And it is sad. There she is shut up by herself with no toys or beds or food or water or nuthin’ She is gorgeous. I cannot believe how much her coat shows up in the video. As we like to quote “Black and white really captures the moment.” I am thinking you might have a new workout craze on your hands. The Crazy Cat Jump workout. All you need is a piece of kibble ( or a bug) and a lot of room, and a pretty workout outfit.

    • Something tells me she is a faker, too! I am torn…if we are right…laughs for years. BUT, if we are wrong…BABIES!!!!

      • That sounds like a WIN-WIN situation!

        (I think she *is* preggers and this is a test of our collective patience, ha!)

  4. PAAAATTTTYYYYPPPPAAAANNNN!!!!! Love that girl!!! So good to see her!
    Downward Facing Kitteh – LOL
    Love the middle of the night video! πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t actually think I’ve heard of any statements by Koko as to whether or not she is pregnant; I believe others made that assumption and her comments either got lost in the excitement or misunderstood. She was whisked to this luxury spa for an extended stay; why not enjoy? Either way, she is delightful and deserves to enjoy the good life for a bit.

    I think she is, but is not quite at 45 days – maybe she’ll have Leap Day babies?

  6. So happy for Pattypan, living in the lap of luxury!

    Erm Koko…that is weird the vet can’t tell. I once had a cat give birth to seven kittens, and they started dying, so took the rest to vet. I’ll never forget her words, “Well that is odd.” And she dealt with it like a curiosity, had NO emotion whatsoever, while I was near tears and very upset. She could not tell me why they were dying. All but one died. I guess, like people doctors, there’s limits to what vets know. (As a note, I changed vets after that.)

    • At least once a week I must say to Fred, “Remember when we were kids and we thought doctors knew everything?!” It’s amazing how much they *don’t* know!

  7. I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I can’t do the math… Do we know when Koko was rescued so we can kinda figure when the last possible “romantic encounter(s)” may have taken place?

    And I am so glad Peanut/Pattypan had no lasting ill effects from her leg issue. Pretty girl!!

  8. Oh man! I hate the not knowing. This wait-and-see stuff drives me crazy.

    And wow! Did Peanut/Pattypan turn out to be a beauty. She was so adorable, such a cutie, as a baby, but now she’s a stunner. So glad to see her happy and healthy too.

    Agree — “Tiny Alice is judging you” would be an hysterical t-shirt. I think I’m going to be chuckling about that picture, and the downward facing cat, and Koko hopping, all day.

  9. Wow. I would think an ultrasound would be more reliable but what do I know. Anyway, since now there is a possibility of MORE of a wait and that MAY put us into March and also since I posted St Patrick’s Day name ideas yesterday, I was also thinking that if you keep the island names (which are great btw) that the collective name could be the Spring Breakers or the Vacationers or something.

  10. Her first day was january 20.it’s 20 days ago, so IF she isn’t faking it’s between 20th and 45th day, that makes it 18-47 days of waiting.

    I hope both that she faking and not: if she faking then she will be spayed and find lovely home of her own, if not KITTENS πŸ˜‰

      • And you will have to do the “faker/bamboozled walk of shame” as Koko compliments you on all the tasty noms! LOL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • However, if she isn’t a big ol’ faker….you know them babies are gonna be sooooo purdy!! {{**looking at calendar to plan my va-cay to AL for kitten huffing**}}

  11. It’s not like Koko is DELIBERATELY faking having babies. So don’t be too hard on her if that’s the case, okay? And I like how Stinkerbelle and Alice have worked out sharing the top cabinet spying spot.

  12. You should have an ‘is she or isn’t she’ contest. $5 a vote (proceeds to Challenger’s House) and then you select one winner form the correct pool and they get…I don’t know – Crooked Acres Jam?

  13. Hmmm, funny video, and she sure can leap with agility for a pregnant girl! But her tummy is getting rounder…Kind of hope you get the kittens after a barely tolerable shortest wait possible! If she’s faking there will be a tiny bit more room at Petsmart, right?
    Love the Alice and Stinkerbelle time share!
    And Pattypan update, too!!!

    • That’s right – if she’s pregnant, then yay, kittens! If she’s not, then yay, she doesn’t have to birth any kittens (and never will!) Either way, it’s good. But I want kittens (the good/bad thing is that eventually I WILL have kittens, without a doubt!)

  14. when you rub the back of her neck or the base of the tail does she present for you?

    (and yes, I did know all of those things about pregnant cats except the feeling the kittens at the beginning of the pregnancy.. that just seems weird)

  15. It’s so funny to see this as we just rescued a stray dog that was curled up in the middle of the road on Saturday (during the process of moving into our new house, because fate has a sense of humor I guess). We took her to the vet to see if she’s pregnant and got the same answer of “we’re not sure!”. Either a) she had puppies recently, b) is currently pregnant, or c) is coming off of a heat cycle based on how her mammary glands feel (per the vet, I am not in the business of feeling dogs up). We are working with a rescue group to hopefully find her a home but the rescues policy is to go ahead and spay dogs who are not obviously pregnant, this would result in the loss of any puppies she might be carrying.

    So now we have to decide if we go ahead and spay her, lose her pups if she is even pregnant, but allow her to find a home quickly seeing as she’s sweet as can be. Or wait a few weeks to see if she is pregnant first, then wait the ~8 weeks for her to have them then the following 8-9 weeks for them to be adopted out. The brain asks does the world need 8 more homeless puppies… and the heart screams “but puppies!”