2-8-16 Monday

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I finally found a scratcher that Koko will use! She likes to sit on it too, obviously.

“Yep, this scratcher gets the two paws up – not only for to sharpen my claws, but also for a comfy seat to sit on while I’m taking a bath.”

“Oh! It says something on the side, I hadn’t noticed that! What does it say? Faaa… faaaa… fat. Fat! Caaa.. caaa… cat. Cat! Fat…Cat…”


“That ain’t FAT, lady, that’s BABIES.”

“Now… what was I doing, again?” Poor Koko and her pregnancy brain.

“Oh, right. Time for another bath!”

The belly is getting bigger, but I haven’t seen any movement yet. It doesn’t help that Koko is rarely at rest when I’m in the room with her – she flops down, but pretty much gets right back up again to pace or come over to me for a kiss or to jump up and look out the window. I got a long, unobstructed view of her belly Saturday night, and didn’t see any movement. As I recall from previous mama cats, it seems to take forever to see movement, and then it’s like the wild west in there.

All of this is to say that whoever has guessed Valentine’s Day as a possible DOB for those babies – and several of you have – you might very well be right!


Of note: three years ago on this date, we were waiting for Lilybet to give us kittens. It turned out to be a long wait, because girlfriend was a FAKER. Here’s the post where I introduced her, in case you missed it on Friday.

ALSO, five years ago today, I posted that we had adopted Alice.


I shared this picture of Jake last Thursday on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr, but wanted to share it here, too. I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH. It’s from almost exactly six years ago.

And from around the same time (actually, about a month earlier than that picture above), this one kills me dead.

Such a little loon.


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2-8-16 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Ok, I have to admit that part of me wants Koko to be a big ol’ faker, too. The laugh we would get out of it would be to no end. 🙂

  2. Koko must be doing the supermodel pregnancy thing. It seems like your mamas are usually…bulgy-er. You have the Cindy Crawford of PG cats right there.

  3. Love the look Koko is giving you about the fat cat! Awesome! And the spots on her nose are adorable!
    Love me some Loony Jake! He’s just the goofiest and most wonderful kitty! How do you not squeeze him until all the fluff comes out of his ears?

  4. Oh man, if she waits until AFTER Valentine’s day then it might be President’s Day and then the naming choices could be vast. Of course, since the president’s have all been male up until now you would have to expand to either spouses or notable women in history.
    Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Dolly (Madison), Betsy (Ross), Jackie (Kennedy), etc.
    *Yes I know you already have a theme picked out. I think I like the Islands better but was just thinking.*

  5. *FIVE* YEARS?! Oh my gosh, time does fly. I keep thinking Alice is like maaaaaaaybe one. Maybe.

    • Somebody (more talented than I) needs to create stuffed animal replicas of Jake and sell one to me. “Get your very own Loony Jake!
      Squeezable! Huggable! Goes where you go! Stuck at home sick and/or lonely? One look at his adorable face and you’ll turn that frown upside down! Just 15 easy payments of 99.99 with 9.99 shipping and handling! Limit one to a customer please.”

      (No, I haven’t been drinking. Yet.)

  6. You realize you have to add Wild West names to the kitten naming list !!!! Like Annie Oakley, Bat Masterson, Belle Starr, Billy the Kid, Black Bart, Buffalo Bill, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Calamity Jane, Cole Younger, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, Jessie James. I am sure there are many many others too !!! Need to find more female names !!

  7. If you need March/St. Patrick’s Day theme names, how about:
    Shamrock; Clover; Rainbow; Blarney; Patrick; Ireland; Emerald; and Shillelagh.

  8. I feel you on finding the right scratcher for a cat. At one point I had 3 cats and 3 different preferences, from the horizontal cardboard that Koko blessed (easy to replace if vomited on), to a sisal wrapped board placed on the floor (not hung on the doorknob) and to a regular sisal wrapped post, very tall for Mr Maine Coon cat.