2-9-10 – The Magnolias

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I’m leaving soon to take the Magnolias to Petsmart. They’re all going to be in one (big) cage, which makes me glad, because I like that they’re going to have each other for comfort. It’s a moot point, though, because they’re all going to get adopted during adoption hours tonight, right? RIGHT!

All five in one picture! (Too bad they’re not all in focus!)

Obviously I was waving a toy over my head to get their attention. Hey, it worked!

Skeptical Truvy.

Drum has got the thickest, most luxurious fur. It’s such a pleasure to pet him (and a good thing, too, ’cause he can’t get enough of being petted!)

Sweet Ouiser. Have I mentioned that I’m pretty sure Ouiser thinks she’s a puppy? She loves to run around with a mylar ball in her mouth.

Clairee wonders if it’s time for the pettin’ yet.

I just adore M’Lynn’s markings. Basically, she’s a white cat that someone tossed brown tabby spots at!

Smilin’ Truvy.

Smilin’ M’Lynn.

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Miz Poo knows something’s up…


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2-9-10 – The Magnolias — 12 Comments

  1. Love Miz Poo’s facial colouration…

    As for the kittens I hope they all get adopted too! Drum will have no problem there I can see… 😉

  2. Miz Poo is NOT smiling haha! Love her face, she is so funny!

    Fingers crossed for all the Magnolia kitties, and for your surgery. Sending good thoughts!

  3. Oh we hope they all get adopted tonight! It would be so wonderful – plus if they could stay together (at least in a couple groups) that would be so cool!

    And Miz Poo doesn’t really look too happy!

    We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers for your surgery – we are sure it will go well!

  4. Kristen: I wish I could remember, but it just seemed like one day she was “Pootie-pie” and it progressed to “Miz Poo”, and it’s been “Miz Poo” for years!

    Annette R: I doubt it – she’s an equal opportunity lovah. If Mama’s not around, Daddy will do. If Daddy’s not around, some random stranger walking down the street would do just fine. She’s not picky. 🙂

  5. M’Lynn shows me what one of the feral kitties around here would have looked like had it survived. Only this kitty was short haired.

    Yep, the magnolias will get adopted right away!

  6. Clairee looks just like the kitten we adopted from a rescue that the Vet clinic cared for, except for some white on her nose. The Magnolias are such cuties all! Hoping for the best for new homes for them, and also to hear that your recovery goes well.
    Our older tortie cat looks a lot like Miz Poo, too!

  7. I’m a stranger. 🙁 I promise to check in more often!

    That said, paws crossed for the perfect home for those perfect Magnolias! Who wouldn’t scoop up those faces?!

  8. I certainly would give Drum a good home… He is a lovely tabby colour… He reminds me of our Fluffy…