2-11-20 Tuesday

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Updated 7:30 am: I slept through it all, and woke to find that Isabella gave birth to 5 kittens in the early hours of the morning. I’m leaving the little family alone… for NOW.


Note: at the time that I’m prepping this post (6 pm last night), Isabella is going in and out of her crate. This is generally behavior we see before they go into labor (though not always), and so we’re on high alert. If kittens are born tonight or early in the morning, I’ll edit this post to reflect that. If they’re born first thing in the morning, same. If you see no edits, then you can assume that that brat was just messing with me.

“Made you look!”


Snuggly girl.

Such a snuggler.

Fred coughed, and she had to sit up and check it out. I love her sweet profile.

“He’s coughing up a lung out there, lady!”


Isabella and Khal look so much alike that sometimes when I catch a glimpse of him (here he is, in the kitchen with his favorite catnip toy, and Jake coming over to see what I’m doing) for a moment I think “How did she get down here?!” before I realize.


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