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If you don’t follow Challenger’s House or Love & Hisses on Facebook, then you haven’t seen that we got an update on Lizzy!

Our new little girl is settling in nicely. At first she was very skittish. We kept her in Lydia’s room for two days, then brought her out to roam. She didn’t utter a peep for days! But she did purr. So now she’s learning our schedule and she’s relaxing more.

She hops up into laps and chills, and plays with the laser light and wand toy. The first night she was here, she danced on Lydia all night long and Lydia got up looking like a zombie the next day, so she slept elsewhere the next night. We all laughed until the first night Lizzie was loose in the house and danced on ALL of our heads. No more laughing.

Lydia wants to change her name but can’t decide on anything. In the meantime we call her Kittems and Bitty (she has this soft tiny meow). If she doesn’t come up with something soon one of those is gonna stick!

She doesn’t really have a good perch in the house yet, so sometimes she just disappears. I hope to have something high with a nice cushion beside a window for her soon. She’s not as skittish now, but will run if you walk quickly from one room to another. Then she stops to see if you’re after her. Of course we aren’t so she acts like nothing happened.

She’s so silly, but she’s very loving and playful. We’re glad we have her, we have something to look forward to when we get home, and she is glad to see us. I’ve attached pictures. The first two are of the first night and the last was this morning with my son. Thank you for all the good information and your help. We look forward to many more years with our sweet Bitty kitty!

That is such a wonderful update!


I appear to have interrupted a bro meeting.

“We was just talking about how weird you are, lady.”

Peacock feathers give Simon the Crazy Eyes.

Stefan came visitin’. Stefan’s form of visitin’ always includes inspecting the food. He wants them to be safe, you know.

“No seriously, lady. How many other cats do you HAVE out there?!”

The Ears of Slightly-Annoyed-By-You-Lady.

The face of No-I-Wasn’t-Giving-You-Attitude-Who-ME?

They think the Bada Beam is pretty interesting.

Simon, the Neighborhood Watcher.

Garfunkel the poser.


Naptime Collage!

Top row: Tommy in the heated bed in the front room; Sugarbutt in the self-heating bed on the doll bed; Alice coming down from one of the high platforms in the front room.
Middle row: Archie changes things up by trying out the cat bed at the opposite end of the dining room table; Newt on the Room with a View in the computer room; Miz Poo in the self-heating bed next to my computer in the computer room.
Last row: Joe Bob snuggling with my boots (of course); Stefan in his favorite bed at the end of my bed; Dennis ::thlurrp::ing atop the cat tree in my room.


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2-11-15 — 12 Comments

  1. Lizzy!!! Awwww…it looks like she has a sweet little girl to love!

    “No seriously, lady. How many other cats do you HAVE out there?!” – Bwwahhhh!! The answer would make his little head spin! Hahahahahaha

  2. hahaha… I love the “No seriously, lady. How many other cats do you HAVE out there?!” picture with his incredulous eyes and Stefan off in the distance schnorfing up their kibble.

  3. Awww. So sweet to see Lizzy bonding with her new family and her big bro. I have no idea what ‘dancing on top’ of someone is, but it sounds like it was fun.

    We’ll get Stefan and Jake little badges that say “Kitten Food Inspectors.” And Tommy, the Ambassador, of course. I know they all take their jobs very seriously.

    Robyn, judging by the empirical evidence, your cats nap A LOT.

    • Oh, come on. They only nap 23 hours a day! 🙂

      I think that by “dancing”, they probably mean kneading. Lizzy was (and still is, apparently!) quite the kneader.

  4. Wow, so glad that Lizzy is settling in — great update!

    I LOVE kitty kat ears silhouetted against windows/sky — and today’s exhibits are particularly lovely 🙂

  5. “we was just talking about how weird you are lady”… had me totally laughing out loud. Love it!

  6. Love the update on Lizzy! I hope they end up calling her Bitty Lizzy because that would be adorable!
    So it appears to me that Stefan has two modes, sleeping on the table and stealing kitten food. Is that it or does he actually ever play or anything? lol