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A few things I meant to mention in yesterday’s post about Archie, but forgot: Fred estimates Archie’s age as 2 years old, but I’ve taken a look at his teeth and they’re in such great shape (no tartar at all) that he very well could be younger. I do think he’s an adult, but not by much.

I am 100% positive that he’d been in a home before – the first time he walked into the living room while we were watching TV, he didn’t react at all. He uses the litter box beautifully, and when I say “Get down!”, he’ll jump down from the kitchen counter. (Obviously we let the cats walk around on the counters at snack time and they also walk around on them at other times, but if I’m about to make dinner or get something to eat, I don’t want them all up in my space.)

We did name him Archie after Archie Bunker of All in the Family. It was that or Meathead, and Fred opted to save Meathead for a future cat. (We talked about using “Malph” to finish out Happy Days, but decided that really should be used for an orange cat.)

Also, the cut across his nose in that one close-up picture is from November or December. It has healed completely, and unless something falls onto the dining room table (where he spends the vast majority of his days), he should remain cut-free.

And lastly, I didn’t specifically mention it in yesterday’s post, but we did have Archie neutered several weeks ago and got all his vaccinations.


That serious look on Garfunkel’s face is cracking me up.

Whatcha lookin’ at, Simon?

They’ve got their eyes on something, for sure.

Such a pretty boy.

Eye on the prize…

Got it!

“What’s with this peacock feather, lady? Where’s the BIRD that goes with it??”

“Okay, lady. Time for the belly rubbing!”


Nap time collage!

Top row: Tommy atop my recliner in the front room; Jake in the seat of the same recliner; Alice on the heated bed in the computer room.
Second row: Sugarbutt in the doll bed in the dining room; Stefan on the heated bed in the front room; Miz Poo in the self-heating bed in the computer room.
Third row: Archie in the self-heated bed on the dining room table; Dennis atop the cat tree in my room; Newt in the cat bed next to my monitor.

FYI, Sunday marked FOUR years since I announced that we’d officially adopted Alice. At that point, Corbie was still our “foster”, and Reacher was about to go home with Kathy!


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  1. I thought Archie seemed like he was already familiar with being in a house. Any cat I ever had that had not been in a house were freaked out by the TV and it usually took a long time for them to get comfortable with ceiling fans too.

    I hate to say it: the possibility of someone dropping Archie there is high. My husband used to insist I have my indoor cats on a sunporch that could not be seen from the street since it was his theory when someone was going to drop a cat they drove around in neighborhoods looking for a place where they thought other cats lived. And the outdoor strays I feed now, mostly feral and skittish, it is easy to distinguish an indoor kitty…always easy to pet. At any rate, a POX on all those who would abandon pets!

  2. Simon and Garfunkel are the ideal pair, aren’t they? I so hope these hunks in the making will find a home together.

  3. I am fascinated by Paul Simon’s ears. Maybe it’s the angle but they’re pure black interior. No sign of light gray like my house panther.

    Somehow makes them more adorable.

      • I just looked at Jack’s ears. Light-colored. Now I’ll have to look at my other two house panthers. Simon is a hunka handsome kitty!

    • My house panther has four white hairs on her chest and her eyes are green. Other than that, everything is black – toe beans, nose leather, whiskers, inside of the ears… My dad says when she closes her eyes, her face disappears!

  4. Loved in yesterdays’s about Archie trying literally every cat bed in the house. Cute image. And now he has that favorite heated bed…it’s his Archie Bunker chair!

    Another Archie Bunker connection. In All in the Family, Archie would say “Dinner, Dinner, Dinner!” all impatiently to Edith. Kinda like Archie cat meowing at you in the video!

    Also- Edith aka Dingbat would be a great cat name too!

  5. Oh, Simon and Garfunkel, you are such handsome boys!

    LOL Stefan. Again. He’s such a chunky monkey, the sweetheart.

    (I love Edith aka Dingbat as a name, come to think of it, an All in the Family naming theme would be epic!)

  6. Don’t know if you watch Downton Abbey but there is an actor whose real name is Tom Cullen! But the actor is nowhere as cute as your Tom Cullen

    • Downton Abbey is one of the many things on my “to watch” list. I wonder if the actor’s parents were fans of The Stand? 🙂

      • You’ve got 5 seasons available now! I just finished the last episode of season 5 last night, and CRUD we now must wait another year for more. One negative thing about the series: while Team Dog is nicely represented, there’s a complete lack of cats on the show. Humpf!
        (and I agree with Laura, the feline Tom Cullen is much more to my taste.)