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I don’t know what was going on on the floor, but it was a sight to see, apparently.

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA, lady. Did I tell you you could rub the belleh? DID I?”

“Well, I’m feeling generous today. You go ahead.”

Garfunkel, playing the role of the observer today.

He certainly does LURVE that basket.

Watchin’ his bro from a safe place.

Eye on the prize.


Baff time.

The boys are off to Petsmart this evening. I would like to think that they’ll get snatched up immediately, but I expect that it’ll take them a couple of days to adjust to being at Petsmart. I know that the cleaners and adoption counselors will give them extra attention and love, so I know they’ll be okay. I’ll be spending the day snuggling them as much as possible, though, in hopes that it helps with the transition.


Nap time collage!

Left row, from the top down: Sugarbutt on the kitchen floor; Alice on the heated bed in the computer room; Miz Poo on my bed.
Middle row: Maxi on Fred’s desk; Dennis on the back yard patio (so, not really napping I guess); Archie atop the kitchen cabinets; Tommy on the window bed in my room.
Right row: Newt on the bed to the left of my monitor; Joe Bob atop the Room with a View in the computer room; Sheriff Mama (Kara) atop the dryer.


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2-12-15 — 22 Comments

    • May she find a home soonest. Godspeed, Simon and Garfunkel, and here’s hoping you’ll add your sweet, Crooked Acres-instilled harmonies to some lucky person(s) ASAP. Same goes for Creed and Mr. Stripey as well as all those in need.

    • Do we know our Crooked Acres cats, or what?!! I was all “Dude, you are obviously young and foolish. Run, man, RUN.”

    • Just read the 2007 Joe Bob urine saga too!

      Laughed and laughed (kindly) at: “(Y’all just SHUT UP. No, we’re not adopting him!)”

      Glad you didn’t stick to that!! 🙂

  1. At first when I saw the cat atop the cabinets, I thought it was Stinkerbelle (who has been noticeably absent from the naptime posts, btw). I should have known it was Archie the interloper.

    • Stinkerbelle tends to nap wayyyy back in the far corner where it’s really hard to get her pictures – but she’ll be included in tomorrow’s collage!

  2. Good luck boys !!!! Show off all your charms !!!

    Archie sure is a brave boy 🙂 I hope there were no scuffles with the Belle !!

  3. Ya’ll made me go read 2007! OH MY STARS!!! The closet door….Fred…I was dying!!! It was like reading something that I go through with my husband. I just want the left door to the pantry ALWAYS closed as it blocks the doorway into the kitchen. It is ANNOYING when you are carrying stuff into the house, your hands are full, and that darn door is in your way. I have asked…asked…asked….proclaimed it to be a new “rule”…threatened….etc. Stupid thing is still ALWAYS open!!!! Gah!

  4. So…. having read all the other comments, I had to go read the 2007 entry. And I thoroughly enjoyed every little vignette so entertainingly described. BUT, what is a gaum????? I looked up the definition online, and it didn’t make any sense to me in the context. Please to educate this immigrant whose first language was not English about this? Thanks!

  5. This is irrelevant to the blog post, but last night as I was torturing my cats (aka forehead kisses), I remembered you writing something about making sure that your fosters know how to be kissed. Neither of mine do. Sleep under the covers, check. Come when called, check. Fetch, check. Kisses? It’s like I’m trying to give them a bath (and they like water, the freaky siamese they are). Anyhow, I said to the more gregarious of the two: “Are you low on kisses? Do I need to check your kisses dipstick.” and for some reason, it struck me as something you’d say. 🙂

  6. I love me some seniors. My Old Man Atticus is 16, and his Ol’ Lady sister Mae will be 16 in March. They are both healthy (ok, Atticus has diabetes and cataracts, but nothing that can’t be controlled), active, have cast-iron stomachs, still play and drive me batty at times. Their little brother Malcolm is 5, and is more laid back and friendly because of their influence.

    So whoever gets adopted by the beautiful Ms. Addie is very, very lucky!

  7. Did you really only have 3 cats beside fosters in 2007? That seems so WRONG somehow….

    And OMG harbls. I forgot how much that word cracks me up.