2-11-09 – Samba and Rumba

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Samba and Rumba are going to be spayed tomorrow. Of course after I mentioned yesterday that once I bring them home tomorrow night I’m going to separate them for a few days and see if that’ll help make them friendlier, Rumba started coming around to be petted last night. She’s actually the friendlier of the two kittens, but I’m still going to separate them to see if I can get Samba to the point where she doesn’t look like I’m trying to murder her if I attempt to pet her.

Have I mentioned that these kittens are seriously cute? Probably not. They are, you know.

2009-02-11 (1)
Fun with the laser pointer.

2009-02-11 (2)
More fun with the laser pointer. Samba stands on a cat toy to get THAT much closer to that dratted light that teases her so.

2009-02-11 (3)

2009-02-11 (4)
Note that Samba (on the left) is actually off the ground. SO determined!

2009-02-11 (9)
Sometimes I let them “catch” the light, and then they don’t know what to do.

2009-02-11 (5)
Kitten’s all “I think that’s my food?”
Miz Poo‘s all “Don’t make me hurt you, kid.”

2009-02-11 (6)
Kitten’s all “::Gasp!:: It’s Tom Cullen, the Ambassador of Love!”
Tommy’s all “Is there some of that tasty kitten food in here? I think I smell some. Bring on the food!”

2009-02-11 (7)

2009-02-11 (8)


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2-11-09 – Samba and Rumba — 3 Comments

  1. Now Robyn. About these kittens being “seriously cute.” Have you ever gotten fosters and said, “Blech. These kittens are festering eyesores! I can’t bear to look at them! We’ll never be rid of their ugly mugs!”

    Hee hee! As if. All kittens are adorable, I KNOW!