2-2-20 Weekly Roundup

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Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Newt.)

Monday comin’ at me like.

Haaaave you met Isabella? She came to us last night. She was turned in by her owner to a high-kill shelter in a rural area, she’s very pregnant, and her skin is in rough shape (she has a lot of scabs and a lot of missing fur). She’s a little nervous about her new situation, but she’s incredibly sweet and doesn’t hesitate to climb into my lap. I don’t know when she’s due, but I don’t think it’ll be long. I’m seeing a lot of belly movement (I’ll get a belly video up this afternoon.) She’s been treated for fleas and will get some decent food; hopefully that’ll solve her skin issues.

YouTube link
Isabella’s alien belly.

Good night innernets. ⁠(Isabella)

This was very cool – she was lying on me, and I could feel the babies moving constantly. Usually my mamas prefer to snuggle up next to me, or just want to lie nearby while I pet them, so this was a first and hopefully not a last. (Reason I think she’ll have her kittens soon: the babies are moving constantly. Reason I think she’ll wait a while: her belly is big, but in my experience pregnant cats get so huge that they look like they’ll explode if you poke them… and then they get bigger. She’s not at that impossibly huge point yet. So in conclusion: she’s either about to have them, or she’s not!) ⁠

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Good night innernets.

Reason I think she’s not about to have those kittens: that girl has gotten VERY HUNGRY in the last day. She hardly ate anything the first couple of days (appetite dropoff is often, though not always, a sign of impending labor) and now she can’t get enough food in her face. That’s fine with me – she can certainly stand to put on some weight, and lord knows I’ll keep her fed. ⁠

I thought I’d get a snuggle before I went back to the kitchen to get her dinner. I apparently thought wrong. (To be clear: she’s got kibble available at all times; like most pregnant mamas, she loves her some canned food, though. What mama wants, mama gets.)

Good night innernets.


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