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Happy Alabama Gives day!

What, you ask, is Alabama Gives day? Why, it’s this:

February 2nd is your opportunity to join thousands of Alabamians in being part of a history making event that aims to raise millions of dollars for hundreds of Alabama nonprofits in just 24 hours. Inspired by other Gives Days in the nation, Alabama Gives Day provides nonprofits an opportunity to showcase the impact of the incredible work they do that helps improve the quality of life for everyone in our state.

Challenger’s House is one of the nonprofits you can donate to on Alabama Gives Day if you’d like, and you could do that here if you’d like!

For that matter, you could also donate directly to Challenger’s House if you wanted – scroll to the bottom of the page here to find out how!

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Sights from around Crooked Acres
(There isn’t a big variety this week; I was more interested in shooting pictures of wildly jumping and flailing kittens than going outside and shooting chicken/ duck/ dog pics.)

2012-02-02 (1)
They aren’t as bright and showy as the males, but I think that female Cardinals are just gorgeous.

2012-02-02 (2)
Toasted marshmallow rooster (Toasty) would like you to know that he’s the man.

2012-02-02 (3)
::flippity flap::

2012-02-02 (4)
::en pointe::

2012-02-02 (5)
::thinking about it::

2012-02-02 (6)
Giving me the side eye to see if I’m impressed (I’m not).

2012-02-02 (7)
::flippity flap::

2012-02-02 (8)

2012-02-02 (9)
Check out those pretty feathers!

2012-02-02 (10)
We call this move, where he lifts up the feathers around his neck, “Umbrella neck.” They usually do it when they’re facing off with other roosters, but apparently it’s a flirtation technique with Toasty, here.

2012-02-02 (11)
Myself, I’m still not impressed. The hens, on the other hand, do seem to be gathering around!

2012-02-02 (12)
This young rooster tends to stay out of the way. He knows that Toasty can kick his tailfeathers all over the back forty!

2012-02-02 (13)
Gracie, mid head-shake.

2012-02-02 (14)
Still shakin’ those ears. Silly girl.

2012-02-02 (15)
George guards his favorite (for the moment) stick.

2012-02-02 (16)

2012-02-02 (17)
“I sure wish it was snack time. I’d eat my treat, and then I’d lick my lips just like this!”

2012-02-02 (18)
“I wonder if I can scare you into giving me a snack. Rrrrrrrrr. RRRRRRRRRRRRR! Hm. Not scared, huh?”

2012-02-02 (19)
About as terrifying as a roving band of kittens, these two. Actually, the kittens would be scarier.

2012-02-02 (20)
For the record, George and Gracie enjoy kisses on top of their heads. In case you ever get to see them in person, keep that in mind.

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2012-02-02 (21)
Sally would like you to know…

2012-02-02 (22)
that her sleepy brother Everett…

2012-02-02 (23)
is not the only Pepper who has awesome claws.

2012-02-02 (24)

2012-02-02 (28)
Everett in the window.

2012-02-02 (26)

2012-02-02 (27)
Sally’s thinking about heading up to the platform for a nap.

2012-02-02 (25)
Maybe not.

(I promise, I’ll try to get more pictures of Lucy. She tends to stay away from the crowd – not that she’s unfriendly, she just likes her quiet time, I guess.)

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Videos! These have been sitting on my hard drive for weeks. The first one is from the very first time the ducks came out of the pond and then went back in.

YouTube link.

The second one is Sugarbutt, Jake, and Elwood racing around like mad after the laser pointer light.

YouTube link.

And WARNING! This next one contains profanity at the end (and it’s not very long). We were out in the back forty and I was having issues with the camera. I’d think it was recording, and would realize it wasn’t (so I missed some good duck video, grrr), and then I thought it was NOT recording, and when I looked I found that it was, so in my exasperation I let some profanity (yes, the “f” word, for one) fly. You have been warned!

YouTube link.

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2012-02-02 (31)
Jobey Joe the Tuxie-do.

2012-02-02 (30)
Sure does love his nappin’, yo.

2012-02-02 (29)
He is just the sweetest boy, I’m telling you.


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2-2-12 — 11 Comments

  1. How do you feel safe in bed at night with TWO kittens who are packing a passle of knives?!?!?! Oh, that’s right, they’re sweetie-pie kittens, that’s how. Still… yikes!!

    I loved the photoessay on rooster seduction techniques!! First, no chickens. Last, plenty of chickens lookin’ for some lovin’!!

    I also liked the video of the ducks. It’s good to see them starting to like the pond. If I had access to duckweed, I’d send you some and then you’d see them go crazy for the pond! Those little green circles are like duck catnip!!

    And there’s Joe Bob… sigh! What a love!

  2. P.S. I forgot about George and Gracie. I like them too, except I strongly suspect they smelled like wet dog when you took those photos… lookit those dirty legs. Yikes!

      • Doesn’t taken any fortune-telling skills to know that Robyn’s spare “roasters” are going to be roasters… or maybe fryers!

  3. What “style” of puppy are George and Gracie? I would love one!! They look so floofy and soft, and any animal that likes kisses is my type of animal. (My cats get kisses often [even -gasp- on the lips!] but they seem to dislike it. :()

  4. I can’t get the [other] page to load, then I remembered you had this site so baba bing baba boom…this page loaded. Love the photos. : )

  5. I love those female cardinals too, I used to have one that sat on the fence just outside my window and would look at me for the longest time, I called her mustard face because that’s what her coloring looked like to me. Ah, mustard face, I wonder where you are?
    Don’t roosters remind you of frilled lizards when they do that?? I think I see young rooster biding his time for Toasty to get old or out of fashion with the ladies, he’s waiting to dethrone the king!
    G&G have the most expressive faces!
    Black cat’s claws always show off so well! I’m sure that’s not a threat from Sally.. right?
    Jo Bob winked at me in that last picture! I’m going to swoon now!