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I did my very very best to limit the huge number of pictures in today’s series, but there are still a lot of them. What can I say? I love my camera and I love those flailing-for-the-teaser kitties!

2012-02-01 (1)
Everett senses the presence of Da Bird!

2012-02-01 (2)

2012-02-01 (3)
Sugarbutt gets in the middle and decides to show Sally who the boss is.

2012-02-01 (4)
And then he’s distracted by Da Bird.

2012-02-01 (5)
Everett critiques Sugarbutt’s form.

2012-02-01 (6)
Then Sugarbutt lands a little too close to Sally and she’s all ::THWAP!::

2012-02-01 (7)
And then she’s all ::THWAP AGAIN I SAY::

2012-02-01 (8)
Then Sugarbutt’s all ::I CAN THWAP TOO::

2012-02-01 (9)
Then Sally’s all ::BRING IT!::

2012-02-01 (10)
Then Sugarbutt retorts with ::I HISS AT YOU!::

2012-02-01 (11)

2012-02-01 (12)

2012-02-01 (13)

2012-02-01 (14)

2012-02-01 (15)
And then out of nowhere comes Everett, who’s all ::LEAP!::

2012-02-01 (16)

2012-02-01 (17)
And then Everett and Sally flopped down for a break.

2012-02-01 (18)
While on the cat tree, Lucy entertained herself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On a different day altogether, we took Da Bird out into the back yard (where the Peppers cannot go. God help me when they figure out that cat door.)

2012-02-01 (19)
Sugarbutt reaches… and misses.

2012-02-01 (20)
And Corbie reaches… and gets a bit closer!

2012-02-01 (21)
Then Sugarbutt shows Corbie how to do the Macarena.

2012-02-01 (22)
We tried to get them to get up on the stump (which we’ve seen them sitting atop plenty, mind you), but Sugarbutt just stood there and slapped at Da Bird.

2012-02-01 (23)

2012-02-01 (24)
Please note that both back feet are off the ground. Watch what happens to his tail when he lands…

2012-02-01 (25)
It ::POPS:: straight up in the air.

2012-02-01 (26)
Tommy was more interested in rolling around on the concrete.

2012-02-01 (27)
Sugarbutt took a break (and was apparently quite happy as he mentally relived all his fancy moves).

2012-02-01 (28)
And Jake said “If it gets me closer to Da Bird, I’ll climb up on the stump!”

2012-02-01 (29)

2012-02-01 (30)
Got it!

2012-02-01 (31)
Having captured Da Bird, he ran inside with it and stood over it and growled at anyone who tried to get their paws on it.

The end.


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2-1-12 — 27 Comments

  1. I so would take those Peppers home with me… They are so cute!

    If I know Robyn there might be three new permanent residents!!! πŸ˜€

  2. It still amazes me how no-one – NO-ONE!! – adopted Everett, Sally and Lucy! These three are so beyond gorgeous and so full of personality and great attitude…!! Sigh!

    Sugarbutt!! You are totally hilarious!! Big hello to Tommy and Miz Poo!

    Yay! Jake got the bird and Corbie is beautiful! Take care

  3. As this is Olympic year (and here in the UK!) I think Everett should try out for the gymnastic team πŸ™‚

  4. JAZZ HANDS!!! That second photo reminds me of Thurston over at IBKC doing his Michael Jackson impersonation. Perhaps Everett has been watching Flashdance? …Fame?

    I might need an estimate for shipping a black cat or three up to Michigan. Since we already have a black cat, my husband will never notice an extra few. They just have to promise to take turns being in the same room with him. “What’s that dear? Norman’s whiskers turned white? How fabulous!” or maybe “Now honey, there’s no way that Norman has become a girl. Is it time for your yearly eye exam?” (Kidding, kidding… he’d never be that perceptive.)

  5. Robyn, I love it when you act as “interpreter” for the kitties! Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning!

    Suggie looks so gorgeous with his bright orange fur in the sunshine. *sigh*

  6. Sweet little Lucy, just entertaining herself, staying out of way of the hissy fits…she looks even more cross-eyed in that picture than usual! But I could just pick her up and squeeze her silly she is so cute!

    And Suggie line dances, too?? What a clever puddie! But now I will have the Macarena stuck in my head all day…and my co-workers give me strange looks when I dance in my chair…

  7. I think I NEED a little black cross-eyed kitten for my own.
    Your captions made me snort this morning. LOVE THEM!


    Robyn, you just crack me up!! Well, you and Sugarbutt πŸ˜‰

  9. Then Sugarbutt shows Corbie how to do the Macarena.

    *dies laughing!* This cracked me up RL, never mind I can’t see the accompanying picture. What an image!

  10. Lucy Pepper’s little crossed eyes KEEL me dead! If Steve would let me, I’d so adopt this kitty.

  11. lol looneyface pic — thats a great expression


    this entire entry had me cracking up and after a bad morning i so needed it….i <3 ur blog!

  12. HAHAHA best pictures and captions ever!
    Love Sugarbutt’s hissing spree, so funny… And wow I wish my lazybutts would jump like that for the Da Bird… it takes a lot of effort to get them to even run for it!

  13. Robyn, I’m so frustrated with my lazy (YOUNG!) Barney-cat – this dude will NOT jump for Da Bird no matter HOW we try to get him to do so! What are your tricks for motivating lazy cats (or don’t you have any lazy cats)??

  14. Please please please tell me you and Fred double team to get those great da bird shots! I just cannot swing da bird AND get pictures that you can actually tell what’s going on in by myself. I gotta either get someone else to take the pictures or do da bird or I get nothing! And you get some AMAZING shots! So if you tell me you did that all by yourself, I’m gonna have to hang up my camera and leave the field!

    Kelly says “Jazz hands!” I thought the same thing when I saw that pic!
    Wendy, some kitties are birders and some are mousers, try dragging da bird, maybe your kitty more a ground attack agent. Star always was until Leo came along. I think his leaping inspired her. She still prefers things that run (fast!) along the floor to anything in the air, but she tries!

    • Oh good lord, there is no way on earth I could get those pictures if I had to wave da bird around, too! They’re almost always pictures where Fred is doing the waving and I’m snapping the pictures. I have gotten a few (a very few) decent ones with a feather teaser where the feathers are on the end of the stick (rather than hanging from a string), but it’s so much easier when I have an assistant. And he likes to see them go wild, too, so it isn’t hard to convince him to help out. πŸ™‚

  15. How do you stay so serene when the kitties are hissing and smacking each other? When my little monster bella is picking fights with the big kitties I just about come out of my skin. I know cat tiffs are 90% noise, but I can’t stop myself from breaking it up.

  16. Oh, I laughed when Sugarbutt was teaching Corbie the Macarena, such smooth moves! laughed, I tell you! and sugarbutt multi-tasking, what an exceptional boy. and sweet little Lucy, who doesn’t want to kiss her little cross-eyed head! and Jake’s da hunter – so there!

  17. Your commentary is hilarious and so entertaining. Precious Lucy really looks cross-eyed in that picture! Love Sugarbutt, Corbie, Jake, Poo and all the rest. Thank you for the smiles this morning!