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Just a quick one today.

1. Rhyme and Corbie are going to Petsmart tonight. When there’s room, Reacher will be going as well. I love my Bookworms and I’d love to keep them all here, but it’s just not in the cards for us – I’d like to go back to November and kick myself for bringing them all back here. Some of the permanent residents have taken it upon themselves to coat my house in urine in protest of the large number of cats here, and I can’t take it anymore. We’ve got to reduce the number of cats in the house and we’ve got to stop adding to the permanent population.

2. In direct contrast to what I said above about reducing the number of cats in the house, I’ll be bringing Drum and Clairee (two of my fosters from a year ago who were returned over the weekend) back here to stay in the foster room for a little while. They’re ready to go to Petsmart, we’ll just be waiting for a large cage to open up.

3. Annnd that’s it. See you tomorrow.

Corbie and Rhyme.

Corbie’s all “Why you gotta be up in my space, man?”

Snoozin’ Corbie.

Reacher and Rhyme, tussling.

Rhyme. “We’re going where, now?”

Princess Alice with the attitude.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sugarbutt would like it known that the Room with a View is called “The Sug Cave” for a REASON.


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2-1-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Simple Solution stain and odor remover from PetSmart is the best stuff I have found for removing all odor.

    I hope all the kitties find loving homes quickly!

  2. I feel so bad knowing the boys won’t be around anymore, I will miss them. I feel much worse for you, Robyn. I’m sure this will be a tough day. You shouldn’t kick yourself. There were good reasons why you brough them back home with you. Their forever families will come along. These three are ‘charmed’.
    They come from a pretty special place you know. Take care.

  3. It also looks like Princess Alice is making a big try for Fred’s heart, so making more space is a good idea. Hope the boys are adopted this time.

  4. I hope the boys are adopted soon! They’re beautiful cats and deserve a great forever home.

  5. You do the very best for these kitties, Robyn!! The Bookworms are off to a good healthy start!! They just needed to be with you back then. They are looking amazing now though – look at them all gorgeous!! I hope that they all get adopted asap!! I will miss them and will always keep them in my heart!

    Awwww Drum and Clairee!!! Such gorgeous names!!

    Take care

  6. Goodluck Bookworms! You so deserve loving furever homes of your very own where you are the star attractions! Wouldn’t it be great if you got to go together?
    Be brave, Robyn, yes, Corbie, the most beautiful cat in the world is moving on but hey, he’ll never forget his best human friend in the whole wide world!

  7. Good for you for keeping the best interests of all your cats at heart, Robyn. Let’s all hope that the boys get adopted as quickly as possible. I hope Drum and Clairee enjoy their little break in the Foster Room – they must be huge now.

    In the meantime, I love your photo of Sug in the Sug Cave!