2-1-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen… and the new guys!

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In lieu of a real entry, you can ponder this question:

Who the heck are…





and Drum?

Where’d they come from? What are they doing here? And are they the reason Steely Dan and Fagen are out in Gen Pop instead of confined to one room?!

More about them tomorrow!

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In the evenings, the cats take turns coming into the living room and staring at Benjie, trying to figure out what, exactly, he IS. They don’t seem to have quite figured it out just yet.


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2-1-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen… and the new guys! — 11 Comments

  1. Can I just say how much it cracks me up every time that you call it “gen pop”? I have mental images of very tough kittens glaring meaningfully at each other and forming small furry gangs.

  2. Newbies? Cute names for them 🙂 Poor Benjie is probably trying to make himself as small as possible, hoping the cats don’t make any sudden moves 😉 My cats met a puppy once…the poor puppy wanted to make friends…he ended up getting smacked…lesson learned 🙂

  3. One.. two… Three… FOUR … FIVE???

    Umm… What was again the limit for being a crazy cat lady? 😉

    BTW, your Benjie is really cute!

  4. ahhhh — the ladies of Steel Magnolias — I hope Ouiser doesn’t have the same personality as her namesake!