1-29-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen.

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Last night, we let Steely Dan and Fagen stay out in general population all night. They did really well, and in fact Fagen came downstairs to eyeball my parents (and Benjie) from the hallway several times. They didn’t sleep with me last night, but I could hear them running around my room from time to time. At 2:30 I don’t know what on earth they were doing, exactly – it sounded like they were climbing to the top of the chair beside my bed and throwing themselves to the floor, over and over again. I said “Oh, come on, it’s TWO THIRTY!” and eventually they stopped.

They sure are sweet boys, these two.

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Kara, keeping an eye on YOU.


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1-29-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen. — 10 Comments

  1. don’t you know 2:30 is PRIME playing time?!

    my girls are pretty good at night, except phoebe who likes to flip out right before the buttcrack of dawn, meowing and clawing and thrashing about. then she’ll come lay ON my chest and lick at my face and knead herself back to sleep. glad someone’s getting some shut-eye at least…

  2. “Gen Pop?” As in they were “Out in the Yard?” Now I’m imagining the permanent residents in cliques and gangs around the house with the kitchen neutral territory.

    -You can’t run with the tabbies kid.
    -The marmies control the suntime on the sofa.

  3. Oh, Kara. If I needed any butts kicked hereabouts, I’d call on you, girlfriend. 🙂

    I think Steely Dan and Fagen are gorgeous guys, and they’re obviously making great progress. It’s funny about us cat people. They push our eyeglasses off the nightstand at O-dark-thirty, attack our feet under the covers, stand on our chests with their 1000 PSI paws, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Thanks, Robyn.

  4. Oh dear, Sheriff Cara is definitely on the beat! She should come over and whip my boys into shape 🙂

    Cracked up at your “oh come on, it’s 2:30” bit…the cats are probably thinking “what exactly is wrong with 2:30? Isn’t it the perfect playtime?” At exactly 3:30 am every night (or is that morning), our Gambino decides to show us how much he loves us! He’ll stick his whiskers in our ears and noses, make biscuits on our heads, and turn on the purr volume to HIGH! By 6:30 am, when we have to get up, he curls up and falls into the deepest sleep ever! I’m so tempted to wake him up and purr in his ear 😉

  5. Wow, was there something in the air last night – my 2 youngest were acting like maniacs for a while.

    Dan and Fagan are so totally cute – I am so glad they are starting to get so brave!

  6. Dan and Fagan are getting decidedly more comfortable!!!
    My cat – even at 17 – has great fun playing in the wee small hours of the morning – dashing about, knocking my glasses, remote and books off the nightstand, and then getting all nuzzly with me. I call her my alarm clock – now, if I could just get her to go off two hours later!

    Thanks, Robyn, for the great floofy pictures!

  7. Hello Kara! They sure are cuties…they were just getting the jump on things early. Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

  8. I never would have thought of Kara as Sheriff “I will kick your ass” Momma when she was at Petsmart, but she just has that look at your house and in your pictures.

    Those two fluffy boys are so darn cute. I’m probably not going to get to see them. Hold on to them until March, would you? That will be when I get back to doing adoptions probably. Steely Dan sure reminds me in long haired looks of Mr. Boogers and Fagen continues to tug at my heart reminding me of that long ago lost cat of mine.

    When mine pull shit in the middle of the night I just growl “STOP” at them and usually it works. Cause they know the next time Momma is getting up and I will kick their ass (Okay, maybe not so much now…).

  9. The boys are just beautiful. And as for Kara, well I do have a soft spot for brown tabbies.. *smooch!*