2-2-17 Thursday

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Dewey in the kitchen.

Dewey and his big bro.



Dewey is the NOSIEST cat I have ever seen. He’s shy and skittish, but if you’re doing something, he just can’t STAND it, he’s got to snoopervise. It drove him crazy when the guys working in the house were here on Monday and Tuesday because on the ONE hand he’s a scaredy-cat, but on the OTHER hand he was dying to see what they were doing. We’ve had to start leaving one side of the blinds on the doors to the side stoop open a few inches, because otherwise he’d hear something out there and sit in front of the door, bobbing his head around, trying to see what was going on. (The blinds are enclosed in the door, otherwise he could just stick his head underneath them, of course.)


Sweet Frankie.

Pink is his color, isn’t it?

Love that boy.

Frankie went to the vet yesterday because his mouth is still bothering him. The vet couldn’t find anything obviously wrong, suggested a few things it could be, and ultimately we decided on a wait-and-see approach to see if it gets better. We’ve got pain medication for him, and if he isn’t doing better in a week, he’ll go back again.

In the meantime, he is the sweetest boy ever, and you want to adopt him, right? Right!

(Seriously, though, once he’s all healed up and feeling better, get ready for a lot of posts about him and a lot of requests to share!)


Speaking of the vet, when Kara went for her regular trip to the vet a few months ago, I insisted that she have a senior panel blood test done because all of a sudden she looks old to me. Fred didn’t agree that she needed it because – in his opinion – she looks fine and is acting exactly the same as she ever has. But he acquiesced and had the blood test done – and nothing. Her exam was fine. She’s acting the same. I guess she’s just getting older. She’ll be 10 in April which is not by any means OLD, but it’s certainly oldER and technically she’s in the senior category now. So I’ll keep an eye on her and she’ll keep an eye on me, and maybe I’ll drag her to the grocery store with me next week and demand a senior discount.


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2-2-17 Thursday — 16 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about feeling like they look older.. I had that with Kit. Glad her bloodwork checked out okay.

    Purrs for Frankie

  2. Oh Frankie, you’re killing us with your mouth. Does he still Yelp when he yawns? Immediately thought of some kind of arthritis or jaw problem but the vet would’ve caught it.

  3. Yeah, I’m glad I get the senior panel for El Chappo (Atticus); it did reveal his thyroid issue, and that his fructosamine is now normal and that he no longer needs the insulin. Then again, he is 18… But don’t tell him that. He still thinks he’s 18 months. Kara needs to take on a deputy. I’m glad her blood panel came back ok!

    Dewey and Frankie…def a pair of dream boats!

    • Considering how nosy…errr investigative! Dewey is, maybe he’s the best choice for Deputy! lol … but let’s face it, Sheriff Mama has pretty big boots to fill & no one may be up to the task!

  4. isn’t that always how it works….pay for the test and…nothing 🙂 but better that than the alternative.

    2011: how tiny IS Alice??? these back posts about her make me laugh

  5. Hahaha!! Dragging Kara to the grocery store for a senior discount. Robyn, you are too funny!!

    As for Dewey and Frankie — I’m glad Mr. Noseyfur ended up in place where there’s lot to watch, and I’m glad Frankie landed in such a safe haven.

  6. Always better to get the panel to be sure — and now you have a good baseline for the next time. I started doing senior panels around that age for my kitties, but they don’t always catch everything (certainly kidney issues aren’t caught until kidney function is much decreased). But better to keep checking 🙂

    That Frankie is sooooo handsome!
    And I love that first pic of Dewey; he looks all mysterious in that shade, like he’s a detective in an old movie.

  7. Hi Robyn, I know you’ve answered this question a million times, but is there a water fountain you would recommend?

      • Thanks, Robyn – I just ordered one from your list – Precious needs to be drinking more water too and this will be her first time with a fountain – I hope she’ll take to it – up to now she has been drinking from a glass on the coffee table (don’t ask)!

  8. Newt’s young’un picture! He was so slender. Does Maxi still tolerate her, um, kitten?