2-2-16 Tuesday

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Pretty girl.


Extreme Ears of Annoyance.

Bath time in the pie plate.


Maxi in the garden, last summer. I apparently don’t have any recent pictures of her – I suppose because she spends so much time hibernating in the garage. I need to get out there and take pictures of her all piled up in her self-heated bed, looking like the Annoyed Queen of Everything.


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2-2-16 Tuesday — 17 Comments

    • I don’t remember for sure, but an educated guess is that I was being annoying, trying to get her to look at the camera.

  1. I wonder if the ears of annoyance have anything to do with how well she’s baking those babies in the pie pan. Perhaps she needs more of a bun pan? After all, who says ‘She’s got a pie in the oven’? And really, who bakes just one bun anyway? She needs a four or five bun holding pan! Or three would do I suppose, but the more the merrier, right?

  2. Oh, she is a pretty girl alright. Can’t wait to see those kittens! Maybe those Extreme Ears of Annoyance (sounds like a wrestling move) are practice for when the little monkeys start climbing all over her.

    We don’t see nearly enough of Her Majesty, and man is she a gorgeous girl! How old was Maxi when she had her babies?

    • LOL, thanks for pointing that one out… I went back and looked at that post and laughed my butt off.

    • LOL. I must say that if you only saw that post, you would think that Alice was a social butterfly. I, also, have to say about that post is that this comment…well could be taken a number of different ways:
      “Sooner or later, they all end up in bed with Tommy.”

      • I have to say, although she doesn’t care much for the other cats, I have seen her spending time curled up next to Jake, of her own volition. And I think they secretly play together at night!

  3. Awww, the Dragons Banner! Stefan wanted to play with them. Have there been any other litters of kittens Stefan has loved like he loved those Dragons?