2-1-16 Monday

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In case you didn’t see it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr on Saturday, this happened:

It’s nice when kittens get adopted that quickly! Shelton, Levine and Nubbs are still there, and doing well. Kathie and I were both concerned about Nubbs, but Teresa reported that he was out and exploring Saturday night, and so were the other two, so that was good to hear. Hopefully they’ll go home soon, too.

Also on Saturday, Teresa – Challenger’s House volunteer extraordinaire as well as mom to Orlando, Pickles and Hobo – adopted Rizzoli, who was one of Kathie’s fosters and who had spent far too long at Petsmart. She wormed her way into Teresa and Kevin’s hearts, and they couldn’t resist any longer. Reports are that things are going great, and Orlando has extended the Paw o’ Friendship under the door to Rizzoli. TOO CUTE.


It kinda looks like Koko is yelling at that toy, but she had just finished a plate of chicken baby food and was lickin’ her lips.

Sweet girl.

She’s really starting to fill out. I haven’t seen any belly movement yet.

But she also doesn’t stay still for long, so it’s hard to tell!

There you go, there are some nipples. It’s hard to tell from that picture, but the fur is starting to recede from around her nipples, and they’re getting darker. I still think we’ve got a while to go, though (but I think we’ve established that I am fairly clueless about predicting when babies will be born).

She spends a lot of time in that wall condo.

Since I really don’t want her to give birth in that thing, I’m going to block it off once I see some definite belly movement. For now, we’ll let her hang out in there.

I weighed her the other day; she was 8 pounds 11 ounces the day I got her, and just at 9 pounds on Saturday. So she’s gaining weight – she’s also showing more interest in food. I added some canned food to her plates of baby food yesterday, and she didn’t eat it all, but she ate some of it, which is more interest than she’s shown before. She’s also showing interest in getting a handful of treats at bedtime. Still not the voracious appetite I’m used to from mama kitties, but that could change.


“Seriously, lady? Can’t a Newt have a little relaxing alone time without you coming along with that camera?”


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2-1-16 Monday — 14 Comments

  1. Poor Newty…no privacy!!!

    (I will seriously fall out of my chair laughing if Koko ends up being a big ol’ faker!!!)

    • Poor Newtlbug! Can’t a sturdy mancat even sit for a spell without people making preggie jokes?!??

    • I think we may need to see photographic proof of this paw, not to mention a Pickles -Orlando update. With Hobo too of course!

      • Hehe – I actually posted a photo, and a video on my Facebook page of “The Paw” in action!! Should be Public, I believe. I’m sure I have Friends who do NOT “Follow” me due to SO many cat pix I post, but that’s their loss… 😉 (Teresa Franks should find me – my profile pic is currently w/my daughter & Micky Mouse.)

  2. It may be incumbent upon Teresa to post a once-weekly update on L & H! Many congratulations to her and her husband and crew on Rizzoli; a big hooray, too, for Stefani’s family.

    And I’m back for a second look at lovely Koko and handsome, Churchillian Newt.

  3. But Newt, your hundreds of adoring fans THIRST for more pix of your suave buffness! 🙂