2-3-16 Wednesday

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She totally looks like she’s posing here with her chin on her paw. “Hmmm. Am having Deep Thoughts.”

Another picture that reminds me of Ham Dog.

“Did someone say “ham”?”

She likes to walk back and forth and whip her tail around.

Pretty, pretty, pretty girl.

Flopping down for a quick snuggle.


By the way, Saturday marked two years since I first posted about Dennis. Look at that little face!


This picture of Stinkerbelle is from last fall. I brought fresh catnip into the house, and she came down to get some, rolled around for a while, and returned to her lair atop the cabinets.


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2-3-16 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. I clicked through to today’s post from 2012 and oh, my. Ellie Belly and Da Corbs chasing Da Bird. And puppy shots of George and Gracie. Brought a little tear to my eye along with the giggles.

  2. I followed the link to read about Dennis and got the special surprise of seeing babies Starsky and Hutch/ Jack and Percy. Jennifer has been doing a great job of keeping the boys on a diet and they are down about 3 pounds. They are still insane though. I don’t think you can fix that! I don’t know how I missed ham dog. That is so freaking funny.

    • P.s. I got to drive through Kokomo IN this weekend. I took the very exciting US 31 bypass to the bypass to the business district. We do things right here in the great state of Indiana.

  3. I totally thought you were going to reference “Whip My Hair” with mention of Koko’s tail-whipping!

  4. Aww. The 2012 entry with Elwood, Corbie, and Gracie. It was nice to see them again. I miss them.

  5. Has it really been 2 yrs since the mention of Dennis? WOW! Time flies when you are having fun looking at kitteh pics.

  6. It appears from the pics that Ms Koko is growing rather exponentially. Is that the case or is it just those particular angles?

  7. 2-3-12
    “Okay, I might have laughed out loud upon reading that the other two cats “lash out” by eating all of Norman’s food. They’re like “::chomp::chomp::chomp:: THAT’S RIGHT, NORMAN! TAKE THAT! ::chomp::chomp::chomp::””

    LOL.. and gentle smiles at the memory of Norman..

  8. Had to sniff at the 2011entry.

    Poor Corbie, sticking his head under you arm and shaking. Don’t blame you for picking him up and running to the car. He was so loved, you made him happy.