2-17-20 Monday

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Happy Monday, and look at these sweet faces to start off your week!

On the left is Amber (formerly Squash Bug Ambercup) and to the right is Phoenix (Mercury’s Missions.) They’re clearly saying “Quick, Mom, take our picture so everyone can see how cute we are!” Mission accomplished.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Los Mewchachos at 5 days old!

Everyone’s gaining nicely – each picture is marked with their current weight, with their birth weight in parentheses. We’ve got sexes on these kittens, and have settled on names – they’ll be formally introduced tomorrow.

Big Gray: currently 7.5 oz (birth weight 5.1 oz)⁠
Yellow: currently 7.4 oz (birth weight 4.7 oz)⁠
Black: curently 7.0 oz (birth weight 4.1 oz)⁠
Little Gray: currently 5.6 oz (birth weight 3.8 oz)⁠
Pink: currently 6.9 oz (birth weight 4.8 oz)⁠

Edited to add: Here they are, below (I’ll post this in tomorrow’s post as well.)

The Mewchachos: named! Just about everyone predicted that Little Gray was a girl but nope. The only girl of the bunch is Pink (what are the chances?) We’ve missexed kittens in the past, but I have zero doubts on these boys, and I’m 99% sure on the girl. So here we go:⁠

The kitten formerly known as Big Gray is now Alejandro.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Yellow is now Javier.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Black is now Diego.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Little Gray is now Pablo.⁠
And the kitten formerly known as Pink is now Carmelita.


Isabella’s all “Now how on earth did you get out here?!” (I was changing the bedding in the crate, and just lifted the whole pad out, kittens and all. When I put them back in the crate, I just scooped them all up and put them back. That’s not going to work for much longer!)

Sleepy babies.

Little Gray, out cold.

Yellow looks like a baby bear.

Pink’s a handful.

A halfhearted hiss from Big Gray.

Line ’em up!

Can you tell Isabella was just eating some canned food? (She has the PRETTIEST eyes!)

In case you were worried, she’s still getting plenty of snuggles.


Jake is less than thrilled with all this rain we’ve been getting lately, LET ME TELL YOU.


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