2-18-20 Tuesday

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(I posted this in yesterday’s entry, later in the morning, but in case you had already read yesterday’s post, I’m posting it again. Could I say “post” one more time, you think? Post post post!)

The Mewchachos: named! Just about everyone predicted that Little Gray was a girl but nope. The only girl of the bunch is Pink (what are the chances?) We’ve missexed kittens in the past, but I have zero doubts on these boys, and I’m 99% sure on the girl. So here we go:⁠

The kitten formerly known as Big Gray is now Alejandro.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Yellow is now Javier.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Black is now Diego.⁠
The kitten formerly known as Little Gray is now Pablo.⁠
And the kitten formerly known as Pink is now Carmelita.


A bird flew by the window, and Isabella got very excited and went running over to look for it. I bet she was a mighty huntress in her previous life.

You can really see the size difference between Pablo and Alejandro here.

Pablo can’t keep that tongue contained.

Have I mentioned that Javier’s eyes are both open now? Not an eyeball to be seen elsewhere, though.

Carmelita and Alejandro have a snuggle.

“Watching you, lady.”

She has the SWEETEST profile, this girl.

Diego’s a handful.

Pile o’ cute.

So sleepy.

Alejandro’s found his hiss.


This bed is supposedly a “rainbow” bed, but it looks like a bowl of melted sherbet to me. Whatever you call it, the cats love it, especially Alice Mo.

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