2-18-19 Monday

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In case you missed it on Friday, or in yesterday’s Weekly Roundup post, Friday afternoon this happened…

Clutch and Cam adopted together, yay!

By Friday evening, they had already made themselves at home.

I actually delivered them myself, and when I opened the carrier to let them out to explore, Clutch stomped right on out, his tail held high, and explored every inch of his new home in no time flat. Cam was a little slower and more methodical, but neither of them was in the least bit timid. I’m so glad they went home together, because while they weren’t particularly bonded before they went to Petsmart, they definitely developed a bond while they were there together.

This means that Ryder’s Fleet (AND Ryder) have now all gone home, and that is wonderful!


Pile o’ cute.

“What is going onnnnn?”

These are some well-fed kittens, to say the least.

We’ve got the ol’ razzle dazzle going on times two!

Such a chunky monkey.

Loves da Mama.

Not sure about Mama’s whiskers, though.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

They always look so still in these pictures, but they’re actually constantly squirming and twitching.

I was weighing the kittens and one of them (the one with the blue dab on his/her ear) got kind of screamy (I was gentle!) so Caroline came running and climbed in with them, and then Charles was like “Everything okay in there?” and Caroline was like “Yes. Weird lady can’t keep her hands to herself” and Charles was like “Ugh. TELL me about it.”

Delightful toes ‘n tail ‘n stripes.

Saturday morning (maybe it was Friday afternoon) I marked the kittens’ ears with a tiny dab of nail polish. So now we’ve got a Yellow, a Pink, a Blue and an Orange (though when the nail polish needs to be reapplied, Orange will likely become Green because the orange looks a lot like the pink in pictures).

Caroline is such a great mother, and it’s all coming so naturally to her. She’s relaxed and confident, and doesn’t mind leaving them alone in the foster room while she takes a quick nap with Charles. I think Charles misses her a bit, but she is making a point of spending time with him, I even heard them upstairs playing at one point yesterday.

I fully expected that, having the run of the upstairs during the day, Caroline might decide to move the kittens to another spot, but not only is she NOT moving them out of the room, she’s not even moving them out of the carrier. I’ll be interested to see if she moves them in the near future (I mean, that big ol’ crate is RIGHT there and ready for occupancy!), because the kittens have gone from a collective weight of 1 pound, 2.7 ounces, to 1 pound, 12.1 ounces. (I weighed them yesterday, and they range in weight from 5.1 to 6.1 ounces.) Of course, given the tight space they were occupying less than a week ago, they probably don’t feel all that cramped!

Here’s a quick video. Charles likes to check in on Caroline and the kittens every so often. During one check-in he cleaned Caroline’s face a little, and then he licked a kitten a few times. I’m not sure he meant to lick that kitten’s back side (there’s this pause where you can nearly see the “What the -?!” thought balloon over his head), but kudos for trying to help, Pa. (Sorry about the video not being great, but I think you can make most of it out.)

YouTube link


Jake in the pot o’ catnip, back in December. The catnip has mostly died off now – which it does every year – but I expect in the next couple of months it’ll start growing again.


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2-18-19 Monday — 14 Comments

  1. While I’m sure Pa meant well, cleaning little kitten bums only agitated Ma by waking up the babies. Poor Charles probably has no clue what to do with himself around his new little family, lol.

    Very happy news about Cam and Clutch! Are they keeping their names, do you know?

    • I agree. I think Charles didn’t know what to do when all the crying started.

      Yay for Cam and Clutch!

    • I didn’t even think to ask whether they’re keeping their names! I think they might be – she was telling me that her nephew (who was there when I delivered the kittens) thought that Clutch’s name is cool.

  2. I had to say goodbye to my sweet Molly cat, Cuddler of Georgie Girl (doggo) last month. I went to the local rescue and picked out a young brown tabby male, who will be coming home with me once he is snipped. I worry that my 9-year old cat, Fat Petunia, will be difficult. She dislikes change of any kind and is very suspicious. She liked Molly, but the feeling was not mutual, and Molly was there first. Wish me luck!

    • Hopefully Fat Petunia will accept the little male without a problem. Jessica still has a problem with Bella (and vice versa), but she loves Andre. If she doesn’t accept him, try giving her some Solliquin. I grind it up, using a coffee bean grinder, and mix it into their wet food. It definitely helps.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope Fat Petunia makes friends (great name). None of my kitties get along very well, but we all muddle along somehow. k

  3. Jake looks like he just woke up from sleeping off a catnip high.
    “Where AM I? And how did I GET here?”

  4. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Clutch and Cam, adopted — and together! It does not get better than that, does it.

    As for the current sweet foster family — well they are just something else. Never seen anything like them 🙂

    Hi Jake 😀