2-19-19 Tuesday

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Starting the day after the kittens were born, Charles became SUPER vocal. He’d be quiet overnight, but around 5:15 every morning, he’d start howling. Opening the door to the foster room didn’t stop the howling, he’d walk from room to room howling and howling, even if I called for him. He’d be quiet if I was petting him, then he’d wander off and start howling again.

I honestly didn’t see how I was going to be able to stand the noise for three months. I resorted to a white noise machine in the morning, and noise-canceling headphones other times of the day.

Yesterday, Caroline started spending more time out of the crate, just hanging out with Charles, and you know what? He howled a WHOLE LOT LESS. I guess he missed Caroline more than I realized, and although he could hang out near her in the foster room while she was in the crate, it apparently just wasn’t the same. It isn’t as though they spend all that much time snuggling, but being able to just hang out near her is what makes Charles happy.

So to answer the question that has been asked a trillion times, yes: Charles and Caroline will be adopted out as a bonded pair.

Just hanging out.

I’ve been hesitant to declare, before now, that they’d go together because at first they didn’t seem particularly close – she didn’t want anything to do with him for the first few days, and then they started playing together, and chasing each other and occasionally snuggling up. Now it’s clear that they’re a bonded pair, and they need to stay together. And they will.

DO NOT start wailing and rending your garments about how much you’re going to miss them just yet, though – they’ll still be with us for at least another three months or so, until the kittens are weaned and everyone is spayed and neutered.

They will be ready to be adopted (together) in mid to late May. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama, and if you’re interested in adding these two sweethearts to your home, drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling.


In case you missed it on Instagram/Facebook yesterday, we have an eyeball! 5 days old, and eyes starting to open. It totally took me by surprise!

Basket full o’ cute.

Line ’em up!

The milk bar is a popular hangout.

Charles, checking on the family.


Mama hugs.

Sweet baby.

Looks like Blue is doing his/her crunches.

I will not squeeze the babies… I will not squeeze the babies…


Archie shows off his Resting Archie Face and his Ears of Annoyance.


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2-19-19 Tuesday — 22 Comments

  1. The half pints seem to be growing fast! Caroline is, indeed, a good provider but you, Robyn, are, too. You keep momma well fed and relaxed which makes for a well fed baby.
    Perfect pic after your mantra…Caroline probably feels like Archie looks. 🙂

    • I actually didn’t mark the ear on the white-toed kitten, since I figured I could see the toes and know who it is (and in pictures, if there’s no color on his/her right ear, then that tells me who it is.)

      • Hah! That makes sense! I wondered, I kept zooming in trying to see the tiny ear.My eyes thank you for the clarification!

  2. I was curious about the Charles/Caroline bonding thing. It didn’t seem like it to me either (from the pics and based on what you were saying, Robyn) but I’m still curious so I have a question.

    How do you know he’s bonded to HER and it’s not just a matter of him needing *A* (i.e. ANY) cat companion? Is it that he’s just lonely and needs a pal or is it something deeper than that, and how can you (i.e. we, as possible future foster moms. i.e. me) determine the difference?

    Also, I can really relate to Archie.

    • That is a really good question, and honestly I don’t know for sure that it’s Charles being bonded to her and not to just any other cat. With a litter of kittens, it’s easy to tell because the bonded kittens seek each other out. With just Charles and Caroline (as adults), he seeks her out, but is it because she’s the only cat? I don’t know! Maybe as the kittens grow, we’ll be able to tell (ie, if he seeks out the nearest kitten to snuggle with rather than looking for her.)

      I always say Archie is my patronus. 🙂

  3. Dad feels neglected with newborns arrival. “What do you mean you don’t have time for me anymore? I have needs!”

  4. I was very concerned, ready to advise you that you had to let them go TOGETHER but no one likes a busybody. So, I kept my opinion to myself. You have made my day a whole better !!!

  5. Archie seems to think “Now Robyn, this kitten business is getting out of hand. You seriously need to attend a meeting of some sort.” to which we reply “NOOOOOOO-shhhh everything is Just fine!”

    • The “basket full of cute” picture has a little stripey tail hanging over the side that is absolutely slaying me.

      • One of the kittens had her/his chin over the side of the basket, but I was too slow to capture the moment in a picture!

  6. The kittens are so cute! One looks like it might be a darker shade than the others, at least from what I can see.
    I have a question, do you know what the right weight for a 3 month old kitten is? My kitten turned 3 months old a few days ago, and he weighs 2.2 lbs, and he’s the biggest of his litter.

    • It depends on the kitten, of course (some are going to naturally be smaller, some larger), but Susan (the Challenger’s House manager) once told me that about a pound a month for the first few months (1 pound at 1 month, 2 pounds at 2 months, etc) is about right, and that seems about right to me.