2-11-16 Thursday

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I was going to do a post today for Throw Back Thursday with the top viewed pictures from Flickr, but I’m going to save those for next Thursday.

In case you missed it on Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr yesterday….

Yes, that is correct: she’s not pregnant.

My only consolation is that Fred had ZERO doubt that she was pregnant, so he’s wronger than I am, and that’s always a comfort.

After getting no sleep Tuesday night, I woke up Wednesday morning and found a local vet with an ultrasound machine, and made an appointment. They could see pretty quickly that there were no babies in there. I’d gotten so little sleep Tuesday night (literally maybe an hour and a half total) that instead of going home, I called the vet Challenger’s House uses, made sure it was okay to drop her off, and went straight there. They kept her overnight and will spay her today. I’ll pick her up this evening, and then we’re basically counting down ’til she has her last vaccination in a couple of weeks.

I’m disappointed for me, but thrilled for her – she doesn’t have to go through the birthing process or raise kittens. She gets to be foot loose and fancy free. (We are, however, taking away the kitten food. She’ll get some occasional baby food, though. Hard to break that addiction, so she can’t go cold turkey.)

It’s been almost exactly three years since Lilybet faked us out, so I guess we were due!

By the way, after Monday night into Tuesday morning, I had no doubt she was in heat – the question was whether she was pregnant too. As I told the vet who did the ultrasound yesterday, that girl is in the hottest heat I’ve ever seen. She was spraying all over the room, she was calling, if you so much as thought about touching the nape of her neck she’d crouch down and throw her tail to the side. I was so worried that she’d manage to shoot through the door when we opened it, that we put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs just in case.



Throw Back to what I listened to ALL NIGHT LONG Tuesday. Turn it up. Turn it WAY UP.

YouTube link.




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2-11-16 Thursday — 51 Comments

  1. Is that Dennis in the hugs photo? Mercy…sooooo cute!!!

    I flipp’n KNEW IT! I KNEW she was faking. When I saw if on FB I was cracking up! 🙂 I can’t believe 3 years have flown by since Lilybet. Also, you really really needed some industrial strength earplugs. God bless you!!!

  2. I share your sentiments Robyn. I would have loved to see her kittens, but on the other hand I’m happy she wasn’t pregnant at just 9mo old herself…

    • Oh…I forgot she was just a baby herself!!! Also, she won’t be getting all skinny from feeding babies.

  3. Well played, Koko — and that photo of Dennis needs to migrate to the favorites once your ears and nerves recover, Robyn!

  4. Poor Koko! I’m sure she was hoping to string you along for another few weeks, filling up on kitten food!

    • She’s no dummy! At least the good thing is that I know where I can have a cat ultrasounded if I need it in the future.

  5. Faker, faker, baby maker! 😀

    Even before we found out she was faking, Koko reminded me very much of Lilybet.

  6. I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean!

    This has been funny though, and good news for Koko! No harm, no foul except for your eardrums.

    Perchance are you scouting around for a real mama-to-be? I need kittens!

    • Dawn go and read this blog…


      Another kitten fosterer like Robyn has a trio of the cutest little kittens at the moment and the two permanent residents are so cute and cuddly too…

      (Robyn hope you don’t mind but Dawn was asking for kittens and I knew just the place!)

      • That’s funny – somebody there mentioned that Robyn had kittens when the Fools were born, and there weren’t current fosters over there, so now I follow both!

      • O gosh, Connie, you’ve got some weapon-grade cuteness going on at your blog! I am surely adding it to my regular kitten fix!

    • And I’ve got foster kittens over on at facebook.com/InspurrationPetArt. Kittens everywhere! …Except in Koko’s tummy.

  7. Bwahahahahaha. Faker. Hee. My sister says that Hamilton is a faker. His front right arm was injured and he has a limp when he walks. But when he runs, no limp and he flies through the house. Hence, faker according to my sister. Maybe Koko put on weight because she had a steady meal for the first time in a while and was making up for lost time. Ham put on 7 pounds in 6 months when he first came to live with us. He has since trimmed back down to his , what I consider, fighting weight of 14 pounds. Some did wonder if he was pregnant.

  8. KOKO! We sad. But yes, glad you won’t have to go through having to squeeze them out, clean their behinds, the teenage years, then put them through college… So, you continue to be cute and stuff, and we’ll forget all about this little fib on your part.

  9. You know, they can do a pregger blood test on humans; why can’t they do the same for cats (or have them pee on a stick! hahaha)? We really can’t blame Koko. All she knos is that the noms are de-lish and the belly rubs aid in digestion. 🙂

    • On Monday – when I took Koko to the vet and they x-rayed her – the vet said that she thought there was a pregnancy test for animals, but she didn’t know how reliable it is, and in fact didn’t seem really sure about how to get the test!

  10. Wow. Well here’s hoping you get some sleep before the next go round. You need MORE kittehs or mamas or something. You need to use all those good naming suggestions you got.

  11. I am sad for no babies, but happy for no babies, too. And I like “Jazz Paws!” for the caption for Dennis. LOL.

  12. The “FAKER” pics (yesterday’s on FB and this one here) are TOO FUNNY. Today’s face looks like “WHO ME?” and yesterday’s was all “CURSES, YOU FOILED MY PLAN!” I, too, can’t believe it’s been so long since Lilybet. For me, the smart little fakers are just so memorable!

    Dennis needs a hug, STAT! I love it when kitties spread out their toes like that!

    • The FAKER stamp reminds me of a sketch they did with Max Weinberg on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, before the whole Tonight Show fiasco.

  13. So, with all Koko’s “calling”, did you see any un-neutered boys hanging around outside looking to “get some”?

    • With Fred around to tame them, I doubt there’s anything living around them that’s un-neutered! 😀

    • Oh stars! Can’t you just see it….Koko caterwauling inside and a dozen boy cats caterwauling outside for her. Poor Fred and Robyn. It would be deafening! Hahhaha

  14. Ah, well, no Beach Boys (or Beach Girls), but glad that Koko never has to go through pregnancy. She’ll be so much happier (and smarter) once she’s “tutored” this morning.

  15. I saw the photo on FB and about died laughing. You picked a GREAT picture; it looks like a felon mugshot! 🙂 I’ve suffered the perils of a female cat in heat, NOT fun. But she’ll find a good home, so it’s all good.

  16. I love the picture you used to label her a faker! She’s such a pretty girl so I hope she gets adopted quickly!

  17. I laughed with every comment. She sure is pretty though. Doesn’t she belong to the tribe?

    Wonderful pic of Dennis!

  18. Poor Koko !!!! How could she resist faking it ?!? She had looked up the best travel/spa websites and “Crooked Acres Spa and Retreat” came up as the best 5 star resort. The food and service are world class and it also features a top rated Maternity/Kitten home.All the top celebrities have been there !!!

    Spring is getting close so there will definitely be another resident or residents (aka babies !!) soon !!!!

    Hugs to handsome Dennis !!!!!!

    • She’s going to give Crooked Acres a bad Yelp review if the chicken baby food doesn’t keep coming!

  19. I do think it’s funny that the last faker was a tortie, and this was a calico. You just can’t trust those multicolored girls, can you? They’ll trick you! They’re too smart for our good. 🙂

  20. Oh my that video!! It made me snicker and think of dear Spanky… Wasn’t he the one who would get looks of horror on his face when previous amorous lady cats came calling? 😉

  21. Yow, now THAT is some serious in heat yowling! I didn’t hear that tone in the last video you posted or I would have changed my guess to faker, lol! So I was wrong too, but can I still say Fred was wronger than me too because I wasn’t 100% sure?

  22. Aww, she would have had some beautiful bebbies! Oh well, I bet a mama cat will come along soon! Thinking on it though, wasn’t there always a little bit of a question mark with all the fakers? I can’t remember for sure, but that seems famialiar to me. But then the mamas that were well and truly pregnant, I don’t think there was ever any questioning on if they were carrying. I think?

    • Yeah, with the fakers my first reaction was always “Are you sure she’s pregnant? She doesn’t really look pregnant to me…”, which is something I need to just keep in mind. With the truly pregnant ones, I thought they did look pregnant. I think there’s an assumption that an unspayed female cat who’s been out and about for a little while is going to be pregnant – and very occasionally, we get to see one who was apparently brought inside before she could get pregnant!