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This little cutie pie is a Challenger’s House kitten. His name is Rover, and he had surgery yesterday. Go over here and read about it, and donate if you can!

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You may call her…




“Why, I think I’ll get in this box they set up for me to give birth in and pretend like I’m nesting! Bwahaha! That’ll really get ’em excited!”

That’s right – HRH Lilybet is a big ol’ fakey faker. NOT pregnant, not in the slightest. Since I was going to the vet with Kennebec, I decided to take Lilybet along for the ride so she could be poked and prodded by the vet. Both the vet and the vet tech checked her out and said that she had no babies in there.

OH well. Who can blame her for wanting to have a little R&R time at the Crooked Acres spa? I’ll be calling later today to make her spay appointment, and then it’ll be off to Petsmart with her, when there’s space.

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“I never saw her, but I never trusted her. She has shifty eyes! That I never saw. I could sense them!”

Batman loves that top platform on the cat tree.

I probably should have been suspicious of Lilybet when Fred pointed out that Robin looks more pregnant than Lilybet does.
“Lady, I am offended!”

Kennebec cracks me up, the way he runs around with that tail up all the time.

“You seem kinda familiar…”

He is so very PLEASED with himself.

So, Kennebec went to the vet yesterday. He’s such a VOCAL passenger, by the way. He howled most of the way up there, and most of the way back. Oh, my EARS.

There’s no damage to the eye itself, thankfully, so I’ve got a different ointment to put in his eye. I suspect that he’ll be better and ready to go back to Petsmart pretty soon.

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Miz Poo in the sun, keeping an eye on those boy foster kitties.


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