2-11-19 Monday

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No kittens yet! (Well, no kittens as of 9 pm last night, since I pre-write and schedule these posts the night before. Going by how much she was eating yesterday, I don’t expect to wake up to kittens today.)

When we gonna have kittens, you ask? I dunno! My guess is that, since Thursday morning would be very inconvenient for me personally (I have a very early morning dentist appointment half an hour from home)(which I am seriously considering rescheduling) you can pretty much guarantee that that’s when it’ll happen. The longest I’ve had a pregnant cat before she gave birth was Kristi last year, who waited 27 days. Thursday is 28 days for Caroline, so we’ll see. PS: The post from three years ago was me announcing that Kokomo was a faker, which always makes me laugh.

Charles from above.

Annnd Caroline from above.

Getting A Look from Caroline.

The snuggly twosome.


Bath time for Charles.

My GOODNESS she’s a pretty girl.


Jake does not appreciate the cold, gloomy days.


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2-11-19 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Man, that is one big batch of kittens. Look at her girth (and I mean that with all due respect, Caroline)!

  2. Such a pretty girl! I love tuxies with little white chins — I’ve had 3 with those markings, including my current Allie.

  3. When the time arrives, it would be sooooo awesome if Caroline and Charles could find their permanent home together. They are such a loving couple…confident enough to be on their own but together those two prove that cats (animals) have feelings toward each other.

  4. They are both so sweet and I hope they get to spend their lives together after raising those babies! Jake, we all agree with you that spring needs to come soon!