2-12-19 Tuesday

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No kittens as of 9 last night, and there’s no change in her (voracious) appetite. She might have seemed a little more restless than usual yesterday, but then again she might be getting irritated with Charles who wants OUT OF THE FOSTER ROOM IF Y’DON’T MIND and is pretty vocal about it.

Such a pretty girl.

And such a pretty boy.

Can we agree that these kittens are going to have exceptionally pretty eyes? I think we can. Also, big ears.

And they will be the cleanest kittens ever.


She LOVES the top level of that cat tree.

Please admire the toeses.



Sheriff Mama (Kara), lying down on the job. And looking adorable while she’s doing it!


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2-12-19 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. Aarrggg…..the suspense is killin’ me…. I can’t imagine how you feel!

    Robyn, didn’t you say Mamas usually give birth during the evening/night?

    Kara is so beautiful, I love her cattitude!

    • Curb feelers – Hee! Thank you for putting a name to these. I wanted to remark on them myself, but didn’t know what to call them. “Leg whiskers” didn’t seem quite right 🙂

  2. I was remembering when you first got Caroline and Charles and how you were skeptical about them being a bonded pair. I think their recent behavior might suggest you were a little hasty in thinking that.

  3. Valentine’s day is just a couple of days away. It would be the best V-Day present ever. Certainly nothing my husband could ever match! You go, girl!

  4. That belly is GINORMOUS! Can’t wait to meet the kittens and all the different colors they might exhibit!
    Sheriff mama’s whiskers are the best!

  5. Oh my goodness, how many kittens are in there? 15 or 20? Kara is so cute and seems to be asking for some rubbing.