2-12-18 Monday

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Saturday night, Fred asked me to sit in his recliner for a minute. I did, and this happened immediately:

Not only did Khal stomp up into my lap and settle in on the pillow, he stayed there while I petted him, while I tipped him back and forth (just to see what he’d put up with), and in fact he’d probably still be there if I hadn’t needed to get up. No hesitation, no nervousness. That chair has clearly become his safe space!


Sleepin’ Dewbs and his toeses.

Snoozin’ Sheriff Mama (Kara), asleep on the job AGAIN.

Alice in the sun with attitude.

Stefan on the table, as usual. I love that you can see his reflection in the window.

Frankie has really taken to sleeping between those two pillows on the guest bed.

He’s also a fan of Fred’s bedroom.

Stefan and Khal on Fred’s lap. First Stefan is all “DO YOU BELIEVE THIS.”

Then Khal gives a smug look.


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2-12-18 Monday — 22 Comments

    • You’re not the only one to ask lately! I managed to get a picture of him for tomorrow’s post. (He hates the camera for some reason known only to himself.)

  1. After years and years of seeing Sheriff Mama patrollin’ outdoors, it gives me such joy to see her snoozin’ away indoors. It’s hard to let go of a job you’ve done for so long, especially when you know your deputy ain’t so dedicated and probably won’t take over completely any time soon, so it’s understandable she’s only semi-retired and still workin’ part-time.

    Sun Worshipper Stefan looks like he is taking a moment to commune with the Orb of Warmth in the sky before he takes one of his many daily naps.

  2. I wonder if that chair style is designed for cats? We had one for years, and many of our cats liked to sleep their (after someone warmed it up)

  3. Wow!!!! That first picture is amazing! Nice… 🙂

    All the rest are great too, of course (hi Stefan!)

  4. Do you have any plans to let the cats back outdoors, or do you think the screened in porch will keep them happy enough? It seems to me that they have adapted well to posh indoor living.

    • Fred’s been working on getting the cat fence up – it’s slow going because first it was cold, and then it rained. He’s hoping to get it done soon – Archie is turning into a bit of a pain about wanting to go out (he’s always scratching at the door), and Kara’s been pacing a lot. The plan is to let them in the back yard during the day and then lock them in (with access to the screened porch) at night. Hopefully that’ll keep them happy – especially Archie. 🙂

      • We have cat fence, and we love it. Fred needs to make sure though that there are no gaps for the cats to get out under and though the fence. My husband ended up putting basically a base board around our privacy fence, because our ground was uneven.

  5. I have a question for the community: can anyone recommend a good quality renal food? My senior kitty just got diagnosed with kidney disease 🙁
    Luckily, he’s not very picky about food.