2-13-18 Tuesday

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I got the awesome news last night!

Our boy is going to a wonderful home where he’ll have two kitty sisters to play with, and will be (I guarantee you) spoiled rotten! Hurray, Hubble!!!


I had a few requests for a picture of The Loon, so here he is.

There are no problems with Jake, he’s doing fine, going along in his usual loony way, he just haaates the camera. He hates it so much that you’d think I regularly throw it at him. I don’t throw it at anyone, that camera was far too expensive and I handle it with kid gloves. But the instant he sees it, he scurries off like something terrifying is about to happen. I had to sneak up on him to get that picture above, and the instant he realized what was going on, off he went.

So that’s why you rarely see pictures of him. I’d share his loony face every day if he’d just sit still and let me take his picture.

Frankie, deciding his next move.

Alice Mo and her toe beans.

It’s just such a rough life for a Stefan.

I swear Newt spends 50% of his time hanging out in the bathroom. I can’t blame him – that room gets sun all day long.

I vacuumed, so Khal fled upstairs to take refuge on Fred’s desk.

Pretty Sheriff Mama in the bathroom. Who’d have guessed the bathroom would turn out to be so popular?


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2-13-18 Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. Great news for Hubble!!! Yay little dude!

    I’m thinking Khal has no regrets about his decision to move in with you. He gets food, love/pets/cuddles, a recliner/couch/human sized bed at his disposal, brothers and sisters to hang out with and an endless supply of beds to nap in. Sweet.

  2. lol! my bathroom is pretty popular with my 2 cats. there is an iron rad that I made a shelf for that is lower than another rad in the hall by 2ft, therefore less work to get to. Also under a window that gets all day sun and a view of birds hanging out by the neighbour’s feeder. prime real estate. they are constantly stealing it from one another.

  3. It’s always great to see Jake, especially with his smile. His anti-camera stance is unfortunate, though. My theory is that the digital camera creates some sort of interference with his loon receptors that results in a feline version of nails on chalkboard. No wonder he runs – those are delicately tuned loons, after all.

    It was a bright spot to hear that Hubble’s forever family finally managed to find him. May they have many loving years together and I hope he and his kitty sisters have fun!

  4. WHOO HOO for Hubble!!!! May he have a bless and loved life!

    You know, it wasn’t until this photo did I realize that Khal was ear-tipped!

    Sheriff Mama is just too cute!!! I just love her face!

  5. My Buster was like Jake – he hated having his photo taken. I’m not sure if it was that the flash once went off and hurt his eyes or something but if I got out my good camera, he was gone. He never minded my cell phone camera tho, so I was able to get pics of him on my iPhone. I wonder if Jake would feel similarly.

    Also, the pic of Stefan melted in the sun puddle cracks me up. There’s just something about a puddle of sunshine that always did my cats in. Hee hee!

  6. FINALLY on Hubble. Took ’em long enough. Have a happy life, sweet boy.

    Robyn, do you shoot on silent mode? He may not like the noise of the shutter; the mechanical sound can’t be completely eliminated, but if you look at the shooting modes on many of the better digital SLR’s, they offer a silent mode. It helps and I use it at weddings by default to avoid disrupting the ceremony.

    • I smiled at this. I actually have to turn the sound off on my phone for the opposite reason – if Daiquiri hears it she comes running over and all I get are pictures of her nose.

      • Ha! Mine are used to my camera as long as I shoot in silent mode. Fizzgig actually poses for me — he’s one of those cats who knows how gorgeous he is, dammit. We’ll see if he still likes it when I get pictures of him with his mouth open cussing at the feather wand.

    • I do shoot on silent mode, though my DSLR’s mechanical noise is far louder than you’d expect. I have a smaller, completely silent camera and take pictures with my iPhone too, and he runs from all of them. He just doesn’t like to have things pointed at him… except for food. 🙂

      • Huh! I wonder if you used a videocam that stayed in the same place all the time, if he’d get used to it and learn to ignore it.

  7. Rah! I am so glad that Hubble finally got adopted! It is the best news. Hope you get some photos of him in his new home and share them with all of us.

  8. Randomly: would anyone on here get it / murder me if I named a black floofy cat “Dust Puppy”?

  9. Hooray for Hubble finally finding his family!! This news made my day 🙂
    I understand your frustration with Jake not allowing you to take pictures of him. My Chloe will stop whatever cute thing she is doing as soon as she sees my camera. A significant portion of the pictures I take of her are only the blur of her body moving out of the shot.