2-14-18 Wednesday

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I strongly suggested to the cats that they should make cards for y’all, but they opted to spend their time in other ways.

“Am busy hanging out in the sun.” (Stefan)

“And sleepin’ on the table.”

“Am busy pouting.” (Frankie)

“Also, snoozing.”

“Lady, you said I couldn’t have scissors and glue, so you go ‘way.”

Alice has certainly claimed that spot as her own.

Won’t you be their valentine?


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2-14-18 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. I totally see one of the boys handing Alice or Maxi a Valentine’s Day card and going all Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons on them (“I choo-choo choooose you!”). That would go over well.

    Lol, Dewey can’t have scissors and glue.

  2. I would absolutely be any of their Valentine! (is that even a correct sentence???) Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

  3. No need to ask: I’ll definitely be their Valentine. Few things are better than seeing your brood so contented and cared for!

  4. One year ago to this day, you said that you were hanging up your paintbrush for ten years,

    So how’s that going?

    • My god I hate painting. I declared last weekend to Fred that if anything else needs painted, we’re hiring professionals. The problem is that I always think things need painting long before he does, which is why I’m usually the one painting.

      I HATE PAINTING, have I mentioned?

  5. Stefan’s table in the sun looks so warm! And the finish looks so good with his fur!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the kitties, and to Robyn and Fred!

  6. Simon wants to ask Kara to be his Valentine but he’s shy. I, on the other hand, accept all comers. Happy Valentine’s day!

  7. My new bedroom furniture got a thorough cat-spection today and eventually a 4 cats up (on the bed). The fifth one is too old to make the jump. Anyone have a set of pet stairs they’re fond of? I need about 25”.