2-9-17 Thursday

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Frankie update: The vet called to let us know that Frankie’s mouth is a hot mess. The whole left side of his mouth is inflamed and looks like hamburger, going back to and down his throat a way. Dr. L found a spot that looks like a growth and took a biopsy; we should have the results on that early next week. He isn’t completely certain, but his gut says that it’s stomatitis. Ordinarily stomatitis is treated with steroids, but they shy away from using steroids in FIV+ cats since steroids can further weaken the immune system. Right now we continue the antibiotics and wait for the biopsy results.

While we wait, Frankie is spending the majority of his days on the heated blanket on the couch in the front room, is served canned food mixed with goat milk and water every few hours, gets the occasional addition of Gerber chicken baby food, and is pampered and fussed over, which of course he deserves.

(The vet, unprompted, told Fred that Frankie is just the sweetest cat ever.)

Fred and I very much appreciate y’all offering to chip in to cover vet costs; we’re okay right now, but depending on the prognosis we may start a GoFundMe. I will, of course, let you know.

Current nicknames for Frankie: Frankenbeans, Franklinbeans, Franken, and Frankenberry.


Over on Facebook, Christina reminded me that way back when we first adopted Sugarbutt, we were initially going to change his name. I wanted to name him Doo McGillicuddy, which is just the BEST name, isn’t it? Fred wouldn’t go for it, which is just fine – Sugarbutt was clearly his name, and I’m glad we stuck with it.

I thought I’d share my very most favorite Sugarbutt pictures. In my Sugarbutt folder there are nearly 1,000 pictures, and these three are the ones I love the most.

“Heyyyyyy, baby, you come to this printer often?”

I put a cat bed on the floor near the door in the computer room (intending to move it elsewhere eventually). The bed has a pad in it that’s attached at two points. Sugarbutt burrowed under the pad and napped there for an hour or so.

Sugarbutt disapproves of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


Dewey cannot decide what he thinks of Frankie. He’s kind of fascinated, but often feels the need to hiss and run away if he finds himself too close.

I bet they’re going to end up friends. Dewey clearly WANTS to be buddies.

Current nickname for Dewey: Dewber (Fred insists that it should be spelled “Doober,” but Fred is wrong.)



I mean, seriously. When Dennis makes that face, how on earth am I supposed to resist kissing his little face and squeezing him ’til the marshmallow fluff comes out his ears?


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2-9-17 Thursday — 26 Comments

  1. Poor sweet Frankie. So glad you didn’t wait until the antibiotics were done to take him back in. Also, can I convalescence on your sofa next time I’m ill? The service sounds top notch!

    • You know…I think I am feeling a bit qualmish myself. {{packing an overnight bag and heading over}}.

  2. Awww… sweet Frankie… I am secretly hoping that it is something similar to a herpes blister My vet told me that URIs and such are caused by a herpes-like virus that lies dormant and can erupt in many forms in times of stress / lowered immunity – and my Princess Shelley continues to get mouth blisters in times of stress (new food, new environment, etc) she was my first foster ‘fail’ 15 years ago… I only say this because her first (or my first realization of this) came when I moved into this house 10 yrs ago and I didn’t notice until with food, bacteria, etc., it was horribly inflamed and the inside of her cheek & gums “looked like hamburger”… hoping and praying for a miracle for Frankie – he’s so sweet! And bless you and Fred! Maybe with his feeling safe and cared for, he can rebuild his strength and recover. Ohhhhhhh, Sugarbutt!!! I sure do miss that handsome mancat! and Dennis!! ‘Sup, dude?!

  3. Many thanks for the Frankie news, and I hope the antibiotics will speed him on the route to recovery. Meanwhile, soft food, warmth, and loads of love are key, and thanks to you, he has tons of all three. As usual, all of today’s photos and captions are great.

  4. OMG – the picture of Cassis that is on our facebook page this am looks SO much like Dennis….

    As for Frankie, stomatitis is basically fixed by pulling his teeth. Tim had is done and so did Dee’s Izzy (our foster Calais). Don’t know in FIV cats, but removing the source of the problem usually fixes it. Poor baby….

  5. Poor Frankie – no wonder eating was hurting you! I hope the antibiotics work and get his mouth better. But he has the perfect place to rest and be stress-free, so hopefully that will play a big role in his recovery.

    Oh, I shudder to think what condition he would be in if y’all hadn’t found him when you did…truly his Guardian Angel Cat was looking out for him and nudging him to Crooked Acres!

  6. At least we know what we’re dealing with, sounds like.

    Hopefully the biopsy news will be good and the antibiotics will kick in. in the meanwhile, soft baby food will be easier on his raw mouth.

    And yes, I can believe that he is the sweetest cat ever. Good catch by the vet.

    Had to laugh at your introduction to Archie from a few years back. When you “allowed” him into the house and ‘determined” that he would be a permanent resident. I suspect that decision was already made when he kept showing up IN your house and working his wiles on Fred.

  7. Lots of the FIV cats at our shelter get stomatitis and many end up having teeth pulled which seems to help. I am betting that now that Frank is safe and warm and happy with you that the stomatitis will subside (either before or after teeth pulling) and he will be much better. Stress is so hard on these immuno-compromised guys and living with you and Fred is bliss and the opposite of stress!

  8. Oh, poor sweet Frankie. So incredibly glad that he ended up with you to get the loving care he needs and deserves. Gentle snuggles to him — and gold stars (again….as usual) to you and Fred. I hope you won’t hesitate to let us know if we can help.

  9. Awe, Sugarbutt, miss him. I didn’t realize until just now looking at his judging picture that I haven’t seen my tote bag with his picture on it lately. I have so many reusable bags that I didn’t realize I hadn’t used his in awhile. Hmmm, I think I know where it is though, I’ll have to go pull it out when I get home from work.

  10. Isn’t it amazing the names that cats collect? Fizzgig is Fizz, Fizzgig, Fizzy, Fizzybean, Floof, Sir Floof, or “you fuzzy little turd <3" depending on what's going on at the time.

  11. Aw, Frankie! I was thinking as the Lady was listing off all of the pampering you’re getting, that you are one lucky dude! I’m sure Dewey wants to be friends, so you really do need to get better! And that would also make the rest of us feel so much better too.

    Kisses to you, Frankenbeans.

  12. Read this about stomatitis:

    In many cases, the cause is assumed to be immune mediated, meaning that the cat’s immune system attacks its own oral tissues as an abnormal response to bacteria in the mouth. Other medical conditions that can be associated with stomatitis include infection with viruses [such as feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and calicivirus] and bartonellosis.

  13. “Treating” stomatitis is often not effective. I adopted a dear pudder years ago who came with it. The veterinary dentist (yes, my girl had specialists!) pulled all her teeth (over two sessions, when the stomatitis returned to the few teeth she had left after the initial event) and she was a happy, *plump* little thing who did just fine on an all-canned-food diet. Fingers crossed that everything works out for Frankie.

    • This is what I have always seen and heard the treatment to be. Then the kitty lives on just fine. Our shelter does the same thing. Sad, but at least the pain stops.

  14. Our Luna has stomatitis. We had her teeth removed, but she still gets flare-ups down in her throat. We feed her baby food on occasion, but she is really liking those Sheba Perfect Portions. The pate is super soft and it gives her the variety of flavors (stinky fish! YUM!) she can’t get with baby food.

  15. Aw, poor sweet Frankie! He’s got our best purrs and prayers!
    You know we’ll chip in too! Just a thought, gofundme takes a greater percent than a paypal donate button does.

    What’s Dennis trying to do? Break the internet?? Must. Smooch!!!