2-8-17 Wednesday

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Over on Facebook, Cris asked if I had tried the Luup litter box. This is a 3-tray sifting litter box that was on Kickstarter last year, and naturally I had to give it a try because I thought the premise was an interesting one.

As I told Cris, I have, and they’re not for me – they do a great job of sifting, but staying leaned over while the litter sifted through hurt my back, and then trying to empty the clumps into the Litter Genie I use (or into a trash bag) was a great big mess. I passed it onto a friend, and she had the same issues (along with the fact that one of her cats peed over the side.) I like the idea of it, and it probably works beautifully for other people – especially those with one or two cats – but not for me.

Andrea added: I had those, they were awful! always making a mess. If you dont get them set right, all the litter goes out on the ground so dont be in a hurry. and even if you do everything right, sometimes they still dont set together perfectly, a piece of litter in the way or something, then it all goes out again. I would never get them again. Good idea, that doesnt really work in real life.

So I’d like to hear if y’all out there have given it a try and what you think of it.


Dewey’s keeping an eye on things from up high, if you were wondering.

When I flatten boxes, I leave them by the side door so that next time I go out to the garage (it is a detached garage, FYI, on the other side of the driveway, and I HATE having a detached garage. NO! MORE! DETACHED! GARAGES!) I’ll carry them over to leave with the pile of recyclables. The flattened boxes are always very popular with the cats, and you can see here that Joe Bob was irritated at having to wait his turn.


Frankie is going to the vet today – I’m dropping him off this morning. He still screams occasionally when he’s eating, and also when Fred gives him his antibiotic in the morning and evening. Initially, the vet wanted to wait until Frankie was done with his course of antibiotics, but that’s another 3+ weeks away, and neither of us (and probably not Frankie either, if we’d asked) wanted to wait that long.

Our fears are that the vet (1) won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong, or (2) will be able to figure out what’s wrong but it won’t be fixable, or (3) will be able to figure out what’s wrong, it’ll be fixable, and will cost thousands of dollars to fix. What we’re hoping, of course, is that the vet will be able to see the problem and it’ll be an easy fix. That’s probably too much to ask for, but it never hurts to hope, right?


Stefan the smug.


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2-8-17 Wednesday — 35 Comments

  1. Fingers crossed, Frankie-furter. Hopefully it’s easy, painless and cheap. Or at worst, pick any two.

  2. Prayers for Frankie. I keep thinking he has something stuck way down, jaw pops out of joint or a small tear in the throat/esophagus.

  3. Prayers for Frankie.

    I have a sifting litter system I got from Walmart but it’s two solid trays with on sifting tray so when your done sifting you put it in the empty layer and then pour the rest of the litter on.works great with light weight and regular clumping litters. Thought about getting the luup but might not now..

  4. Good luck to Frankie & I hope you’ll let us know if there’s anything we can do (i.e. donate) if it does end up being something costly.

    That is a fantastic photo of our favourite buff-boy, Stefan, and I think it would look lovely in your next calendar! Make it so!

    • Yes, I agree on both counts. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. And if you use that pic of Stefan it should have a caption of that old commercial slogan “Whaaat’s uuuup?!”

      Sending good luck/happy thoughts Frankie’s way for a quick and easy fix!!!

    • Theory of the day — and one that also applies to anything on a bed, desk, and just about anywhere! Frankie, I’m pulling for you — hope there’s a quick, as painless-as-possible fix. Good luck today, Robyn.

  5. Poor Frankie… I hope it’s something easily fixed – maybe related to his teeth getting pulled and he’s just slow healing because of his other issues. I’m assuming the vet will sedate him this time and be able to do a really thorough check. Hugs and purrs to all of you. I know you’ll be anxious until the visit is over!

  6. Sending good thoughts to Frankie. My cat has stomatitis so we’ve learned much about this disease. I’m hoping it is an easy fix for dear Frankie.

  7. Sending good mojo to Frankie!

    I bought two Luup boxes through kickstarter. Had to wait forever to receive them but that is a different story. At first I wasn’t thrilled because my soiled litter would get stuck in all the openings and I had a real mess each time I tried to sift. I did some research and switched my litter brand to “worlds best cat litter” and they work so much better. That litter is expensive but each bag lasts probably 3-4 times longer than one box of my previous brand. I’m not sure I would buy the Luups again due to size and cost issues but I love, love, love that I don’t have to dig around and scoop any more. I hate scooping. That was way worse on my back than sifting.

    • I’m really glad to hear that it’s working well for you – I had hoped I’d hear that someone is having a good experience with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nothing but good karma going out to you and Frankie.I wonder if cats can get dry socket? Hopefully it’s something easy.

  9. I was tempted to buy the Luup, but 1 of my cats refuses to keep his rump down as he pees, so I have to buy boxes with high sides. I have 2 boxes, one with high sides and the other without. The regular sized one I use Whisker City Extra Large Cat Sifting Litter Box Liners. Similar concept. The only problem is getting 10 liners on the box. But once I do, it works pretty well.

    Hoping for good news for you and Frankie!

  10. On a different note While perusing your sidebar I noticed that not only do you have no fosters at this time, you don’t have any former fosters at Pet Smart awaiting adoption – does this happen often?

    • It is rare that I don’t have fosters AND don’t have former fosters at Petsmart, but this is an unusual time, with Challenger’s House no longer at Petsmart (they’ve gone from a rescue to a sanctuary for the cats at the house, and for any cats who need to be returned). Once Frankie is well again, that sidebar will change regularly, I’m sure (and on a side note, that sidebar badly needs to be updated!)

  11. Thanks for the info on the 3-box sifting litter set-up, had wondered if it would ‘really’ work.
    And hoping for good news for Frankie…

  12. Robyn, absolutely let us all know the results of Frankie’s vet visit. I’m pretty sure we’d all be willing to help out if we can.

    • I was thinking that Joe Bob wouldn’t have to wait if Robyn would just scatter the boxes around so they aren’t in a single stack. What was she thinking?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Sorry to hear about Frankie :(. I hate it when my animals are sick. I loose a ton of sleep.

    Litter boxes. Glad to hear about the Luup. I’d considered it for a bit because I hate scooping. Now I am incredibly horribly awfully wonderfully spoiled. My parents got me a Litter Robot for christmas. After having other auto litter boxes, this has been, by and far, the most very best thing ever. I wish it weren’t so expensive because it makes such a big difference for me and my 2 cats. I know, believe me, I know, it’s out of the the vast majority of people’s price range.

    • I’d love one but I bet you a year of fancy feast that my cat wouldn’t use an automated box. Because that would be too easy for me.

      • You’d be surprised. I knew my former feral would use it because she’s fearless (an automated litter box is nothing compared to the streets of Amman, Jordan). I wasn’t so sure about my non-feral rescue.. but he used it after he saw my feral and it’s been lovely ever sense.

  14. Sending positive thoughts to you and Frankie for a quick, inexpensive fix. Truly, let us know – I would be willing to donate … the warm fuzzies he (as well as all Crooked Acres residents!) give me is worth it! I second the Stefan “Whassssssuuuppp?” caption and calendar page! haha
    Good luck today, Robyn and Frankie!

  15. I love your ceiling (Dewey photo). Wish I could help with your sweet Frankie, to hold and cuddle!

  16. If I’m tired of Frankie screaming in pain when he eats, you must really be tired of it. Frankie most of all!

    • It scares the CRAP out of me when it happens, and the worst part is that he stops eating and kind of hunches over looking sad, and OH my heart.

  17. Poor Frankie — good luck today! And thanks for the info on the Luup. It keeps popping up on my Facebook feed, so I had considered it – I don’t think I will, now.

  18. If Frankie’s diagnosis would involve a great deal of expense (hoping not), I would be happy to donate to the cause. I’m quite sure many of us “regulars” to the site would express the same thought!

  19. Negative on the Luuup boxes.
    1-it doesn’t prevent litter from leaking out-there is always some on the floor after you rotate.
    2-it sticks to the side, so you still have to pry off with scooper. (at least with Tidycats litter)
    3-it is awkward to transfer from tray to bin/trashbag-whatever you put the waste in.
    it is more pleasing to the eye than your average litter box

    If Frankie needs lots of $$ to make him well, you know we would donate. A few dollars from a lot of us would add up! I know you are generally against this, but just a thought.