2-26-18 Monday, and we have babies!

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So, in short: Thursday Kristi and Katia hung out in the crate together, and I was like “I bet Kristi’s about to have her kittens!”

But she didn’t.

Friday Kristi and Katia hung out on top of the crate together all day, and I was like “I bet Kristi’s going to give birth soon, and she wants to be near the crate! I bet tonight’s the night!”

It wasn’t.

On Saturday, they spent all day on the cabinet in front of the window, and I was like “Okay, well. Whatever.” And Fred and I both petted Kristi a lot, and Fred casually, very lightly petted Katia a few times. Kristi purred and kneaded; Katia hissed and smacked.

I like how you can see the squirrel down on the feeder.

“I think maybe another week for Kristi,” I predicted. “And a little while longer for Katia.”


I’d love to have a blow-by-blow description of the birth story, but here it is in its entirety:

Sunday morning, I could see on the Dropcam that Katia used the litter box at 5:45 and then went into the crate. Fred went in and petted Kristi and peeked in on Katia about an hour later. I went in a little after 7:30 and swept the room, scooped the litter boxes, and petted Kristi. I peek in at Katia, but didn’t spend too much time looking at her. It was dark in the crate, I could see her eyes, and I figured she wanted a little privacy.

At about 10:40, Fred called down to me.

“I hear at least two squealy little kittens in there,” he told me.

I ran upstairs and took as close a look as I dared, counted three little kitten butts, and started letting people know.

That sneaky little brat popped those kittens out and I had no idea it was happening!

A while after that, I went up and looked again to make sure there were three, and found that there were actually four. Two of them are definitely tuxies, one of the tuxies has a white tail-tip and white paws. The other two, I’m not sure about – might be all-black, might have some white. Time will tell.

Kristi went in to sniff at the new kittens for a second last night then walked away. I’ll be curious to see whether she goes in there to have her own kittens, or chooses another spot (there are a lot of boxes and blankets scattered around, she’s got lots of choices). I’ll also be curious to see if Katia decides to move her kittens, or will keep them in the crate. Only time will tell!

Kneading and purring.

Give us those kittens, Kristi!


“Kittens. Oh, joy. You know how much I like kittens. NOT.” (Sheriff Mama/Kara)

“Seriously, lady? Seriously?” (Archie)


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2-26-18 Monday, and we have babies! — 31 Comments

  1. I suppose out in the wilds a mother needs to keep the newborns safe so being very discreet while birthing is a survival mode. I can’t wait to see what names you use. I am hoping you liked Torvill and Dean.

  2. Oh, yay Katia! Congrats to you, sweet mama!

    Oh those litte kitten bums, the first of many baby kitten pictures…

  3. Awwwww….kitten butts! I helped a friend with a feral and her kittens. The mama was soooo feral that she would take your face off….but she let us pick up and hold her kittens (we weighted them daily). She was a gorgeous all white, blue eyed mama. She would have been adopted in 2.7 seconds if she was friendly. It was so sad. She was spayed, ear-tipped and returned. All the babies were adopted…by my friend! LOL

  4. EEEEE kittens! Surprise? XD I’m hoping that at least one of the not-a-tuxie kits is a stealth tortie, in addition to all the tuxie love. 🙂

    How wonderful is it to hear about a kneading and purring Kristi! Sooooomebody’s failing to be feral. I bet she turns into a lap cat lovebug in about three seconds flat.

  5. I know Katia’s already been named but I think her secret superhero name should be Night Fury (the type of dragon Toothless is in How to Train Your Dragon). Fury for short.

    (It took me a while, but I finally realised what those lantern eyes of hers reminded me of!)

  6. The only thing missing from your recap is your rating of Fred’s excitement level in his voice as he told you about hearing kittens, and whether there was a Robyn shaped puff of smoke left behind as you raced to see them.

  7. Yay for tuxie kittens! Although I kind of wish that Kristi had had hers first, since I suspect she will be okay with you handling them, and that might help Katia know that these humans are trust-worthy.

  8. Kristi is the one who ought to be smacking you. “NO! My kittenmuffins are not done baking! You wait!” *SMACK! SMACK!*

  9. Way to go Fred! Let “Fred Kitten Magic” go to work on Katia! I really don’t like to think of this little floofy girl living outside even as a “working” cat!