2-4-19 Monday

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Charles was spending so much time hanging out on top of the crate that I thought he might like to hang out in a ham-mick. So I put it together, and he declared it good.

Back when we had the Mainer kittens, it annoyed me to come into the room and find the ham-mick flipped upside-down, so I started basically attaching a second ham-mick to the bottom. This way, even if it does get flipped over (which it never does), it’s still a ham-mick. And as a bonus, they get a bottom “bunk.”

Caroline also found the ham-mick to her liking.


They fell asleep like this, and I nearly passed out from the cute.

I’m sensing a little attitude from Charles.

So, no kittens yet. She’s still eating, playing, and sleeping a lot. She’s gotten super affectionate in the past couple of days, Charles’s ears have never been so spotless. I tend to worry when they play because he’s so much bigger than she is, but that girl can more than take care of herself – and more often than not, the play fighting/wrestling is started (and ended) by her.

I moved them into Fred’s office for about an hour on Saturday so I could vacuum and mop the foster room, and they spent the entire time skulking around the office, sniffing everything. When we put them back in the foster room, Charles said “WAIT! There’s a whole world out there, let me OUT!” and wailed at the door for a while. And now when I walk into the room, they both greet me at the door and try to see past me. Yesterday Charles caught a glimpse of Archie, and his tail got poofy for a few minutes, which was seriously cute.

I’m still guessing that we’ll see kittens some time next week, though if that belly gets much bigger, we might have a situation where she just explodes and kittens fly through the air in every direction like confetti.


The sun shone over the weekend (and not to brag, but it was nearly 70ºF on Saturday) and Newt was happy. We were ALL happy.


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2-4-19 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. “…we might have a situation where she just explodes and kittens fly through the air in every direction like confetti.”

    Man, that would be awesome.

  2. Yay for warmer weather, although I don’t mind the cold quite so much. After all, one can always put more clothes on, but there’s a legal and a practical limit to how much one can take off when it gets hot.

    It’s going to be close to 60 here today, and I’m debating whether I want to break out my own hose for an hour or two, or brave the inevitable mob at the car wash.

  3. These two are Seriously awesome! What were the largest kittens you’ve ever had born?(Weight-wise)