2-3-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

That Charles is a good-lookin’ fella.

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Charles is a kneady little love bug.

Caroline and the post-breakfast thlurrrp.

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Jake’s got his loonyface turned up to 10.

Caroline is such a love bug.

It’s toesday, and Charles needs a good moisturizer.

More toebeans for your toesday, these belonging to Caroline.

Charles and the thlurrrp.

Alice Mo the calico sure does love that sunshine, yo.

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Charles is gonna be an excellent Daddy.

Hooray, hooray, RYDER WAS ADOPTED AND WENT HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Happy life, sweet girl!! ❤️❤️❤️

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How RUDE, Charles.

Sunshine makes Sheriff Mama/Kara very happy.

“Watching you, lady.” (Caroline)

This shows the size of Caroline’s belly pretty well. I think it doubled in size today.

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Happy girl.

Just a reminder that these two sweetie pies are still available for adoption. Orange tabby boy Clutch is the quintessential laid-back, playful ornj dude; his tuxie sister Cam is a sweet snuggly love bug.

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He’s a happy boy.

Banana for scale. (Caroline)

Don’t get between a pregnant lady and her food, Charles. You won’t like her when she’s hangry.

Donut for scale.

This is the attitude you get when you keep insisting they pose for pictures instead of playing. Cam and Clutch would like their people to hurry it up, if y’don’t mind.

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You clean my ears, I’ll clean yours.


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  1. I see it was Charles’ weekend to take home the Baby Simulator from school, lol. This is going to be a really interesting litter, what with a really young cat mother, and a stay-at-home dad.