2-1-19 Friday

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Can we request that any ppl who adopted Emmy’s babies get in touch with you pls? That is when I first started reading this blog so they are in my hearts in a special way. ((hugs)) to all of them wherever they may be.

I’m posting this to encourage anyone who adopted Emmy’s babies or ANY previous foster to send in updates. I try to remember to grab pictures when I see them on Facebook, but I’m not always good at that or I mean to do it later when I’m at my computer, and forget.


Weird question, but I’m darn curious – who’s the friendliest of your current bunch? I’d hazard a guess at Mr. Frankie electric ORNJ lapcat there. For that matter, who’s the purriest of the permies? I wonder if it’s Khal and his super stealth purr…

I’d say Frankie is the friendliest. As for the purriest? You might be surprised to hear that it’s Newt. That boy has the loudest, deepest purr.


When you said “if Caroline has at least one girl” it made me wonder, have you ever had a litter that was all boys? Or all girls? That can’t be common, can it?

None of the litters born while in our care were all boys or all girls, but we did get Brandywine and her 5 boy kittens (the ‘Maters). Also, Lisa reminded me of the Bookworms (4 boys) and the Weeds (3 girls). And then I remembered the Greasers and the Sons, who were all-boy litters.


Does anyone else see a space shuttle on Charles’ nose? Every time I see it I hear Elton John’s Rocket Man.

I can totally see that!


Does anyone do the dead weight thing when you try to get up like Mister S.J. Boogers did?

Frankie does it, especially at night when he’s sleeping with me and I need to get up and go to the bathroom. He just lays there and I have to pick him up and pour him onto the other side of the bed so I can get out. Luckily he’s a pretty small cat!


This is Caroline’s favorite place to sit and watch the birds. And the snow. HA HA JUST KIDDING. We didn’t get any snow at all earlier this week, even though the entire state pretty much shut down. Also, it hasn’t been all that cold – night time temps got below freezing for a couple of nights, but it’s warmed up since then.

Seriously, I hope you guys who are getting hit with the serious deep freeze are staying safe and warm.

You look comfy, Charles.


I brushed him with the Furminator, and then put the fur I got in a little pile to take out of the room with me. He found it very interesting, and put his paw on it and gave me this look.

Then he grabbed it with both paws and licked it like an ice cream cone.

This turned out to be less of a good idea than he’d expected. That boy is such a goober.

“That boy ain’t right.”

The happy couple.

As of yesterday morning, I have now felt and seen kittens moving – it’s a subtle movement, not the alien belly we’ll eventually see. I swear that between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, her belly doubled in size. And she’s eating a LOT now. I predict we’ll be seeing kittens in 2 weeks or less.

Here’s some additional information: I actually measured her belly (at the widest part) on January 22nd, and she was 12 1/2 inches around. I measured her again last night, and she’s now at 17 inches around. (This would probably mean a lot more if I’d ever measured any of our previous mama cats, but alas.)

Also, she weighed just over 6 pounds when we got her, and last night she weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces. The way she’s been eating the last couple of days, I expect her to blow past 7 pounds pretty quickly.


So much judgement. (Khal)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Khal’s favorite toy ever is the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy (that’s an Amazon affiliate link, for reference. You can find it in most pet stores, too). We keep it in Fred’s office, and I can hear Khal in there playing with it at all hours of the day and night. I’m sure he thinks of that toy as his, so when Fred sent me this video, it made me laugh. (There was no drama; Frankie eventually wandered off, and Khal reclaimed the toy.)

YouTube link


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  1. Everytime I see Khal I marvel at his magnificence… He must have Norwegian Forest Cat in him, do you think?

    I love that Caroline has a couple black whiskers sprouting from her cheeks! I always look forward to new kittens, but this time around, with the baby daddy present and accounted for, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Charles will be around his Half Pints.

  2. Khal is such a handsome creature, and he knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have Norwegian Forest Cat in him; I don’t see Maine Coon in him like I do with my floofball Fizzgig.

  3. the pic of Charles and Caroline eating together made my day. Also the difference in their sizes makes the phrase “Charles and the little woman” apt.

  4. In Khal’s voice speaking to Newt with regard to the video-
    “Now just what do you think you are doing. (after another minute) No seriously-what DO you think you are doing?” LOL

  5. One of our cats used to play with the turbo scratcher at all hours of the day and night. We had to turn it over before going to bed every night because it was so noisy. Allie is now an old man of 16 years and no longer plays with it.

  6. One more thing, Robin. Do you routinely use the Furminator on the cats? How about Khal with the one coat?

  7. Every young cat I’ve ever had loved the turbo scratcher. Even now, I occasionally see Harley or Alice batting at it, but not as madly as they did when young.

    And now you have a new data point to track for expectant mama cats — belly girth!