1-31-19 Thursday

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In case you missed it on Facebook/etc yesterday, this happened:

Ryder FINALLY got adopted and went home! I understand she’s going to be spoiled ROTTEN, as she deserves to be.

This leaves Cam and Clutch at Petsmart, still available. I am hoping that their people come along VERY soon. They’re doing fine at Petsmart (I’ve been by to see them several times and cuddled and snuggled them), but of course I want to see them go home, and the sooner the better!


Note: Last call for 2019 calendars! If you want to order one, the links are over there to the right (or if you’re reading this on a mobile device, scroll down past the post). I’ll be removing the link after today since February starts tomorrow.


Back in February of 2013, we had a cat we initially thought was pregnant, but she turned out to be a faker. Her name was Lilybet and she looked like this:

Well, we have an update! She’s now Artemis.

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and Artemis so I thought I’d send you a quick update.

Artemis is still as energetic and cuddly as ever! Here she is attacking our Christmas tree, as is tradition.

She also got a tube for Christmas, and she sure does love hanging out in there.

She and my husband’s dog, Hogan, have become pretty good friends!

One of her favorite sleeping spots on sunny days is in the guest room.

But she also never turns down cuddles. Even when there’s potentially terrifying things behind me.

Lastly, here’s a collage that google photos kindly made for me. Here she is with one of her favorite toys, helping us with the mail, and helping us sort our deliveries.

Don’t you just love seeing that girl again? The picture of her attacking the Christmas tree made me literally laugh out loud.

(Thank you, Chloe!)


Caroline keeping an eye on Charles from up high.

Charles checking out the crate. “It’s not that great, I don’t get why she hangs out in here all the time.”

Whatcha lookin’ at, Caroline?

She sat there and stared at her reflection for the longest time. I mean, I assume that’s what she was looking at. For all I know, she was peering into another dimension.

Charles finds the top of the crate more comfy than the inside, apparently. He was rolling around, air-kneading, and purring to beat the band when I walked into the room.

Belly pic. Honestly, I don’t see much of a difference – though I think she’s gained weight all over rather than just in her belly, which was very much needed.

I’d say we’ve still got a couple of weeks before kittens.


“Right, lady. Because kittens is just what this house needs. NOT.” (Sheriff Mama/Kara)


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1-31-19 Thursday — 10 Comments

  1. Yay for Ryder – enjoy your forever family and home, sweetie! And Chloe, thank you for such a wonderful update about Artemis – she is clearly much loved and adored. It’s a treat to see her so happy!

  2. Such great news for Ryder! And Lilybet/Artemis, look how gorgeous she is still. 🙂 Even though it’s a good thing she didn’t turn out to be pregnant, I still think her babies would have been epic!

    Has Kara taken a personal day off from work? Polar vortex getting to her (how cold has it been in Alabama? Cuz damn, -22C this morning here in Ottawa (Canada), and windy…). I wouldn’t blame her.

  3. That is not the world’s most flattering picture of Hogan, who is no doubt a lovely dog 🙂

    Good for Ryder and Artemis!

  4. YAY for Miss Ryder! So happy she has been adopted and is scheduled to be spoiled. Now where the heck are Cam and Clutch’s people? Loved the Lilybet/Artemis update. She was one of my very favorite fosters – such a pretty tortie!

  5. Any cat who successfully mothered 9 offspring deserves the best. Have a great life Ryder/

  6. A un-neutered tuxie kitten arrived at the bottom of our very rural driveway this spring. (where do they come from?) Anywhoo, we snipped her and now 9 months later, she spends every night sleeping on my head. Miss Caroline looks just like her! Though I’m enjoying watching your pics very much, I’ve very glad we stopped that nonsense at our house Asap

  7. Love updates!! so nice to see the pics of fosters who have found awesome forever homes. Ha, that dog is very comfy!!