1-30-19 Wednesday

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Ever since I looked back at my list of previous mama kitties last week, this picture of Maggie pops into my head every now and then and it makes me laugh, because that girl was SO over me and my constant picture-taking and harassing her for babies.

Well, we have a Maggie update!

It’s been a while since I have sent a Maggie update, so I wanted to let you and all of her fans that she is doing great.

Maggie continues to be a loving cat. She lays at my feet every night and is usually there when I wake up the next morning. She is always at the back door to see me off when I leave for work. So often, I will be sitting on the couch with my legs up, and she will jump up to my lap, lay down on my legs, and fall asleep. She has also been known to fall asleep on my chest if I happen to be napping, and again, she stays there the whole time.

Maggie has become more and more tolerant of the little human who bombs around the house. He loves her; she tolerates him. She also has a brother who she often snuggles with. She has another brother, but they aren’t quite as close…okay, he pounces on her from time to time, but she can hold her own against him.

We adopted Maggie in July of 2011, and I can tell you she is very well loved and very well taken-care of. So for those who remember Maggie, she is doing great. I hope you enjoy the attached picture of the once mama cat.

How wonderful is that?! Thank you so much, Alex!!!


Oh, she is just so darned PRETTY.

Flirting with that toy.

He is such a sweet muffinhead.

Yep, the belly appears to be getting bigger by the day!

Keeping an eye on his woman.

Did I mention SO PRETTY?

Still keeping an eye on her. Maybe he’s afraid she’ll pop out those kittens when he’s not watching!


Smilin’ Jake.


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1-30-19 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Maggie! Look at how happy she is! I remember her babies well; that was around the time I started reading your blog.

  2. Wow, fantastic Maggie update!!! Love it! So happy for her and her family.

    2014 – Dennis. Aww, he was such an adorable kitten and lovely cat. Miss that boy! 🙁

  3. Love updates! Can we request that any ppl who adopted Emmy’s babies get in touch with you pls? That is when I first started reading this blog so they are in my hearts in a special way. ((hugs)) to all of them wherever they may be.