1-29-19 Tuesday

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From warriorinside:

I need a signal boost, all.

A friend of a friend in Terre Haute, IN needs to rehome several of her cats so that she can move into public housing. One of these cats has four two-week-old kittens. Can anybody in that area foster mama and kittens and find them new home when they’re old enough? Mama and kittens are doing well; eyes are open but ears have yet to migrate north.

If anyone out there can help or knows someone who can, please leave a comment. And spread the word!


From janna:

Question for Robyn and everyone else: I have a friend in the Minneapolis area who has decided she wants a cat — she hasn’t had a cat in about 40 years and has spent most of the time since then raising and showing Wheaten Terriers. Her one remaining Wheaten is lonely but she doesn’t feel like she could handle another dog. Her current dog likes cats – he is around them frequently at relatives’ homes. Does anyone have any suggestions beyond just going to the shelter? I wondered if there were any fosters in the area, where she (and maybe even her dog) could meet the cat or kitten first. Thanks!

I’d recommend checking with the area shelters – they may have people fostering cats for them, in homes with dogs, OR they may have cats right there at the shelter who like dogs. The volunteers will likely have some idea of which cats would and wouldn’t do well in a home with a dog.

Anyone in the Minneapolis area have a shelter/foster suggestion? Please leave a comment! (For that matter, anyone with more insight into the topic, feel free to chime in!)


I stopped by the post office yesterday, and to my surprise I found…

Another bonnet! Which is good, because it never hurts to have a backup, am I right? (My favorite part of that box: “Cats love it!” That… has not been my experience.)

As is the way with Amazon, they didn’t tell me who sent it, so if whoever sent this bonnet will contact me so I can thank you properly, I’d appreciate it. (Now we’re ALL SET if Caroline has at least one girl!)


Keepin’ those claws sharpened.

Charles from above.

And Caroline from above. These kittens are sure going to have some pretty eyes.

Both of them from above, at a weird angle.

I canNOT get these two to pose next to each other nicely.

As close as I’m going to get, I think.


Frankie on the cat tree in the back living room, before I put the Christmas stuff away.

(Fun fact: As of Saturday, there were still some houses in our neighborhood with Christmas trees in the window. I have to admit, I like seeing them.)


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  1. At first, I thought, ‘Wow, Robyn’s post office sells cat accessories? That’s oddly specific, but I guess they know their demographic!’ I’m a little disappointed now that I’ve realised it was sent to you. I kinda like the idea of some post office selling cat bonnets right next to the stationery and packaging.

  2. On the cat bonnet box, I love the loony expression on the gray cat’s face. Further proof that grays are the loonsters of the cat world.

    • No, it’s not. Terre Haute is about an hour out of Indy, so they might not cover the area, but they might know who does. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Looking back at 2014 — I still like the idea of an ABBA litter. Momcat has to be Mia (Mamma Mia). Kittens could be:

    – Fernando
    – Chance (Take a Chance on Me)
    – Waterloo
    – Queen (as in Dancing Queen)
    – Tiger
    – Trouper (as in Super Trouper)
    – Andante
    – Piper
    – Chiquitita
    – Nina (Pretty Ballerina)

  4. When you said “if Caroline has at least one girl” it made me wonder, have you ever had a litter that was all boys? Or all girls? That can’t be common, can it?

    • None of the litters born while in our care were all boys or all girls, but we did get Brandywine and her 5 boy kittens (the ‘Maters). They were a SERIOUSLY rambunctious litter.

    • Also not born there: the Bookworms! (Corbie, Reacher, Rhyme, Bolitar). Do the Weeds count too (Dandelion, Purslane, Thistle)?

      • You know, I was thinking only in terms of kittens who came to me with their mothers, but you’re right! And yes, I think the Weeds count too. 🙂 The Greasers and the Sons were all-boy litters, too.

  5. What a doll Charles is, I love that picture of him from above. You know, this is going to be one good lookin’ litter (pretty sure we all say that about ALL impending litters…).

  6. My brother and sister-in-law once got me an inflatable unicorn horn for cats, and the box also declared “Cats love it!” Even without trying it, I knew that was not true!

  7. Re: Christmas trees still up in your neighborhood: I normally keep my decorations up through January, and am, in fact, in the middle of deChristmas-ing today. But then, I don’t decorate until around Dec. 10th. Plus, the house looks so barren when you put all the pretty lights away, and here in Wisconsin (where we’re braced for possible record-breaking (60 below!!) windchills this week, we need something to make those long winter days seem cozier!

    • I just love driving through the neighborhood and seeing Christmas lights unexpectedly. I always say that I’m going to buy a small Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and ornaments through the year to suit the nearest holiday (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day).

    • Hee! Both my mantles and three tabletop trees are still decorated! But my goal is to finish getting it all down this weekend.

  8. Guilty. By the time I thought of checking the box for gift receipt, I’d clicked “Submit Order.” Then when I scrolled down the other day, I figured it got there and inspired the pix. Seeing Caroline in a bonnet made me re-think it, though. I don’t know if it’s just that Stefan really rocked the prairie style, or that Caroline is a tuxie, but I immediately imagined how she would look in a beret. That made me think of a French-themed litter, e.g., Gigi, Gaston, Mamita and Honorè, or Gay Purr-ee’s Mewsette, Jean Tom, Robespierre, and Meowrice, and of course the Aristocats. Ze leetle maison on ze sun-drenched prairie of Provence, no? *Thank heaven, for little purrls…*

    • THANK you, BetaLoop! The bonnet will come in handy (and it never hurts to have a back up.) I’m not sure Caroline’s future kittens agree, but then they never do get a vote, do they?

      I do need to have a litter of French kittens! 🙂

  9. Awesome, someone else who remembers Gay Purr-ee! I had a “comic” book, darn near wore that thing out. This was long before VCR’s, of course. Just a nitpick, but it was Jaune Tom, coz Jaune is “yellow”, so Yellow Tom, haha! I agree that it would be a great bunch of kitty names!

    I think ALL the kittens need bonnets. They will be babies, so baby bonnets! Gad, people don’t put those on their babies anymore do they?

    I was out after dark just a couple of nights ago and was surprised to see quite a few houses still had their Christmas lights up and lit. But I was happy to see them.

  10. I’m late in doing this, but Caroline has a spray of white fuzz between her eyes? Awww. *smooch!* And someone said Charles has white on the backs of his tabby ears? *smooch!* for him too!

    Hi Frankie! Is he still a lovebug? I will not be at all surprised if you say yes.

    Weird question, but I’m darn curious. It links into the lovebug musing above – who’s the friendliest of your current bunch? I’d hazard a guess at Mr. Frankie electric ORNJ lapcat there. For that matter, who’s the purriest of the permies? I wonder if it’s Khal and his super stealth purr… 🙂

    I’m also in Wisconsin, facing down some bitterly, truly deadly cold wind (my company closed for two days, today and tomorrow, due to it, and that’s a rarity!) and I wish I had a lapcat or two to cuddle. Times like these, I especially miss my floppy snuggly Labrador.

    • Yes, Caroline has a sprinkle of white fur between her eyes. Not a lot, just an accent. And yes, Charles has a line of white across the back of each ear.

      Frankie is of course still a lovebug, though some nights he’s more cuddly than others.

      I’d say that Frankie and Kara probably tie for friendliest permanent resident – though most of them are pretty friendly, especially Khal when it’s TV time.

      I hope you stay warm!!!