1-29-18 Monday

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It’s a Newtles kinda Monday.

Hanging out behind the sink, as you do.

Posin’ Newt.

Hanging out in the bathroom amongst the lotions.

He loves to hang out by the tub and look out the window.

Pretty boy.


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1-29-18 Monday — 15 Comments

  1. Love your almost-selfie face behind Newt in second pic… hehe… Such a big handsome teddy bear!!

      • I’m just amazed they are all upright! My creatures of mass destruction would have knock them all down or off the cabinet!

        • Not only do they not knock them over – you see that control directly in front of Newt? That opens and closes the skylight, and they’ve never once opened the skylight. They HAVE opened the skylight in the other bathroom (which runs off another control), though.

          • Ha! But at least it’s a skylight and not blinds or the neighbors might get to know you a bit too well! 😉

            • I don’t know WHAT the previous owners were doing (maybe showering in the dark?), but there was no shade in the bathroom on the window pointing toward the next door neighbor. I taped paper to the window until we had a shade installed. Also, they had the skylight programmed to open 4 times a day, which I didn’t realize until the morning I looked up while I was in the shower (with the radio blaring) and saw the skylight open. I’m sure the neighbors appreciated that. 🙂

  2. Awww, Newtles! And I envy your bathtub.

    Unfortunately, I read the comments from the 2014 entry and have now gotten an earworm from 2014-me. *sigh* Only I could do that.

    ./~ There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando ./~

    …but can we do an ABBA litter maybe?

  3. Breaks my heart that he has to lay on a stack of towels because there aren’t any cat beds in your home 😉

    • Would you believe that those towels are there SPECIFICALLY for the cats? I got new towels and left the old ones there for them. I guess if I REALLY loved them I’d have bought new towels for them and kept using the old ones myself. 😀

  4. Today was a crappy Monday of the crappiest crapfest variety – BUT. I came home to my orange teddy bear (despite him being near death due to starvation and miffed that my bus was late and delayed his dinner, he seemed happy to see me), AND I got to look at the doll-face of Newtles to make said crappy day that much better. Thanks Robyn!

    The look on Newties face while lying amongst the lotions is hilarious! He looks all – “dafuq’s “Fresh Sparkling Snow” for…?”.