1-30-18 Tuesday

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Alice Mo the calico sure does love that heated throw.

It’s a Dewber Dewbs.

Pretty Sheriff Mama (Kara) in the sun.

Khal, looking particularly floofy.

Grumpy Jake, with bedhead.

Frankie’s tired of my shenanigans.

Maxi in her favorite bed.

Archie, with attitude.

Stefan on the table, as usual.


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1-30-18 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. Not to alarm you unduly, but I think Jake’s eyeballs have come unstuck there. o_0

    Such gorgeous photos, i always want to snuggle Sheriff Mama particularly, her tough face just makes me want to love her.

  2. Hm… it looks more like “Alice Mo the calico sure does love that heated throw. Now BACK OFF, yo.”

    I love it when Jakey has bedhead, it just makes him more adorable (as if that were possible).

    Archie is just showing off his gorgeous features. When I read “Archie, with attitude” and then scrolled to the next picture, my immediate thought was “Stefan, with zero attitude, like maybe even less than zero, that boy has negative attitude.”

    I’m really loving these Permie posts. It’s such a great cast of characters.

  3. Ha! Jake’s bedhead doesn’t hold a candle to Khal’s.

    And of course they’re all pissed off. I think she woke them up.

  4. Alice looks as though she’s channeling her inner Bettie Page. Look at that cheesecake pose.