1-31-18 Wednesday

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That basket is pretty popular. Both Archie and Jake love it, and occasionally Maxi hangs out in it.


This spot, in the bathroom, is popular, too. I kept clean towels on that middle level for a while, but then Dewey kept jumping up there and pushing towels out of the way, so I moved the towels under the cabinet. I live in hope that one day I’ll walk in to see a cat on each level, but no luck so far.

I haven’t seen anyone but the sheriff on the top level. She spends her nights there.

Maxi gets custody of that area during the day. Sometimes she lets Newt hang out there.

Such a pretty girl.

Stefan, sleeping in the kitchen cubby. I think he fell asleep watching a squirrel.

Alice, in the same spot. This position is cracking me UP.

Such a pretty Mo.


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1-31-18 Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. You’re so right about Alice’s adorable position! Actually, everyone’s looking either ridiculously cute or beautiful — and sometimes both — today.

  2. Sheriff Mama looks so comfy up there, I do hope you taking the picture didn’t wake her up.

    • I am too! I think that some of them need to have doors, though. I can only imagine the mess kittens will be able to make in the foster room, with all those shelves exposed.

  3. I would have thought that having hundreds of cat beds would be enough, but I see you’re reduced to using towels. Poor kitties…. Better watch out – I’m a beginning quilter and cat beds/quilts would be a great learning tool 🙂 and I have your PO Box address….

  4. Thinking that pretty soon you’ll have a little rug or towels in that cubby hole. We knew that it would be popular.

  5. I may be mistaken, but I think only law enforcement is allowed on the top shelf. Much like a prison watchtower…