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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

I get the feeling I interrupted an important discussion.
#Dennis #Jake #Stefan #PermanentResidents #Cats #CatsofInstagram

Arrrrre you goinnnnng to Scarborough Fair?
#PaulSimon #Garfunkel #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

It’s cold and rainy out, and #Newt ain’t goin’ out there. #PermanentResident #Cats #CatsofInstagram

#PaulSimon is a fool for the belly rubs. #HousePanther #fosterkittens #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #CUTE

“Can’t a man have an early morning belly-cleaning session without you getting all up in his face to take pictures?” #Newt #bafftime #PermanentResident #Cats #CatsofInstagram

Home from neutering, and none too happy with me.
#Garfunkel #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

Good morning. I think a whippersnapper is about to get a smack down from the old lady. The NERVE. Didn’t he see the “reserved for Grandma Poo” sign?
#MizPoo #Dennis #PermanentResidents #cats #CatsOfInstagram

#Garfunkel loves the #belly rubs .
#kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

#PaulSimon hanging out, being mysterious. #HousePanther #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

“We iz a rock. We iz an island. A rock feels no pain (except when the lady is starving us); and an island never cries (except when its rude brudder bites its butt).”
“Needs some work, but I think we’ve got a hit on our hands, #Garfunkel .”
“I think it’s perfect as is, but you’re the arTEEST, so what do I know.”

Gorgeous Creed. 6 years old, available for adoption through #ChallengersHouse in Huntsville, AL. #TuxieLove #LookingForAHome #CatsofInstagram

Adam is 6 (I think) and available for adoption through #ChallengersHouse . He’s at #Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama and is a total sweetheart. #TuxieLove #LookingForAHome #CatsofInstagram

Raven is a gorgeous, sleek love bug. This picture does NOT do her justice (and she looks a little worried here because I was waving a toy to get her attention). She’s about 2 years old. Available for adoption through #ChallengersHouse and you can see her at #Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama.
#HousePanther #Cats #CatsofInstagram

#Lizzy takes a moment to relax. She’s about 5 months old and available for adoption through #ChallengersHouse . You can see her sweet, snuggly self at #Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama.
#TortieTude #fosterkittens #FeralNotFeral #kittens #KittensOfInstagram

#MollyHatchet #PatBenatar and #Lizzy just love that feather teaser. They’re about 5 months old and available for adoption through #ChallengersHouse . You can see them at #Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama. #TortieTude #HousePanther #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens

Remember how Molly liked to sit behind me and look up at the back of my head? Her brothercousin Garfunkel does the exact same thing.

(Fred took this picture the other day, and I just love it so much. (Archie likes to accompany Fred to the back forty to do his chores.) The look on Archie’s face is killing me dead.)

The oldest and the youngest, hanging out all up in my bidness without hysterics. (Posted on Facebook by Fred, shared on the L&H Facebook page.)


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1-31-15 — 11 Comments

  1. Love the photo of Dennis and Mz Poo. It’s like a still from an Ingmar Bergman movie, only with cats.

    • I would totally watch that movie, Ingmar Bergman with CATS! Genius. Dennis seems to be turning up the cute these days. Those eyes, that squooshy face. I love the picture of them on the bed. He’s so adorable! Robyn – please give him a kiss for me when you see him next. He reminds me of my tabby and I always have to go give her a squoosh when I seem him. She doesn’t always approve.

      Robyn – Miz Poo seems to be smaller these days, maybe it’s just the angle? How’s she doing?

      • No, you’re right – she’s lost weight in the past year. The vet found nothing wrong with her, and she’s eating, I think it’s just a getting-older thing. Her weight has stabilized over the past couple of months and she’s still getting around just fine.

  2. I have to ask…. who is Archie? Haven’t missed a day of Crooked Acres for almost 6 years, and I don’t recall him being mentioned before. Did I miss something somewhere (?), or are my old memory chips finally starting to go south.
    Oh, & btw… I know it’s not the right time of year, but just want to remind you that you’ve been kitten-less for a while now (in case you haven’t noticed), and I’m hoping maybe you could work on that a bit. 😉

      • Ok, It’s my memory chips after all. But I am a Senior, so I have an excuse.
        Not taking anything away from Simon & Garfunkel (they’re adorable of course), but I’m missing the wee ones with the still blue eyes & pointy tails. Hope S & G get adopted soon.

        • Well, there’s also an awful lot of information thrown into every post, so you can’t remember EVERYthing! I don’t remember everything myself. 🙂

          The both good and bad thing about kitten season: it always comes around again. I miss having the teeny ones, too! Simon & Garfunkel have about another week ’til their last vaccinations, so hopefully it won’t be long before they can go on display at Petsmart and get snatched up.

  3. So happy to see Molly and Pat got adopted. Just leaves that lovable Lizzy. We went by Petsmart today to hold and pet her. Hoping her forever home comes soon. Amazing job you guys!

    • Great news! I was actually checking out airfares to Huntsville in case I had to fly up to adopt that silly Molly myself! Betcha Lizzy gets adopted too before she knows it!

  4. Why is Archie drinking out of the dirty chickens’ water pail :p
    doesn’t it smells like chicken ?


    OH I wanted ask something, don’t George/Gracie chase stray kittens away? aka Archie