2-1-18 Thursday

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This boy has THE most fabulous fur coat.

I love the white hairs under his mouth.

Archie and Khal, hanging out in their respective recliners.

“Ignoring you, lady. Ignoring. YOU.”

And yet, I get the Squeezy Eyes of Lurve.

Loonily attitudinous.


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2-1-18 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. What former L&H kitten were you speculating might have had Khal for a daddy? I’d love to see a side-by-side. Depending on how long he was intact before Fred caught him, you know he must have made some pretty babies out there!

  2. Well, we enjoyed 60 degrees yesterday… in the 30s today and falling with a chance of snow this weekend… everything to ignite thoughts of Spring only to quash them and leave me envious of Khal’s coat… I entitled the Archie and Khal photo as “Fireside Cats” (see what I did there? Anyone?) Now that I’m snickering smugly… I realize I need more coffee. PS: Caught your lovely posting of Frankie – how is he doing? Happy February, y’all! Make it great!

  3. “Archie and Khal, hanging out in their respective recliners.” Because of course they are. Why buy recliners in the first place, if not for the feline residents?

    As much as I love the babies you foster, I for one am enjoying seeing the personalities and sweet faces of the Permies every day!