1-28-19 Monday

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Isn’t she just the prettiest girl?

They seem to be listing to starboard a bit.

Taking care of business.

Sweet boy.

He’s not always the recipient of baths; sometimes he’s the provider. He gives more vigorous baths than she does, though, and they’re not always appreciated.

That belly.

Feeling a little judged here by all those Pete(s) the cat(s), to be honest.

No real change on the pregnancy front. The belly seems a bit larger, but no movement yet, and while she’s eating well she’s not eating voraciously. If I get a vote (and I know I don’t), I wouldn’t mind having kittens the week of Valentine’s Day. We’ll see!


Dewey, outside. We had sun over the weekend (!!!) and the cats were happy – so were the humans!


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1-28-19 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. “‘Just a quick bath,’ you said. ‘Don’t worry, baby, I’ve been fixed,’ you said.”

  2. I love that she’s got a perfect tailcoat on her belly — complete with buttons!

  3. Valentine’s babies would be good!! But would you look at the belly. I’m sure that her petite size is making it look like she’s got all of Walnut Grove growing inside her!

  4. I need a signal boost, all.

    A friend of a friend in Terre Haute, IN needs to rehome several of her cats so that she can move into public housing. One of these cats has four two-week-old kittens. Can anybody in that area foster mama and kittens and find them new home when they’re old enough? Mama and kittens are doing well; eyes are open but ears have yet to migrate north. Drop me a line if you can and post here so I know to check that email. 🙂


  5. Question for Robyn and everyone else: I have a friend in the Minneapolis area who has decided she wants a cat — she hasn’t had a cat in about 40 years and has spent most of the time since then raising and showing Wheaten Terriers. Her one remaining Wheaten is lonely but she doesn’t feel like she could handle another dog. Her current dog likes cats – he is around them frequently at relatives’ homes. Does anyone have any suggestions beyond just going to the shelter? I wondered if there were any fosters in the area, where she (and maybe even her dog) could meet the cat or kitten first. Thanks!

    • I’d recommend checking with the area shelters – they may have people fostering cats for them, in homes with dogs, OR they may have cats right there at the shelter who like dogs. The volunteers will likely have some idea of which cats would and wouldn’t do well in a home with a dog. (I’m going to go ahead and post this in tomorrow’s entry so that anyone in the Minneapolis area with ideas/suggestions can chime in!)