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So, over the weekend I got an email from Byron, who is the one responsible for getting the Classic Rockers to us, as well as Simon and Garfunkel.

He said:

I was so happy to see pictures of the boys, and to see they are adjusting well. I am so grateful that you and Fred can work your wonders with them.

A little history, if you don’t mind. The boys were born about a week to ten days before the [Classic Rockers] to a different mother, but pretty sure the fathers are the same. We have two large males which roam this area of the complex, one an orange tabby and the other is a solid black DSH. Originally there were four of them, two black and two tabbies. They lived on the other side of our quad and stayed near, or on, another resident’s patio. We aren’t sure what happened to the other two, but these two finally came to our patio a couple of weeks ago.

It’s amazing how quickly they can find a place in your heart. We miss those adorable faces looking in the window every morning, ready for breakfast. Anyway, attached are some photos from their early days with their mother. I will send some more current ones in the near future.

I LOVE how she’s hugging that kitten!

So tiny!

I love those electric blue eyes.

Thank you so much for the background and the pictures, Byron!


“What, lady? What you want?”

Lookin’ for love.

Sleepy Simon in the sun.

Checking out the stuffed kitty. Simon really likes playing with that thing.

Flirty boy.

I don’t know, what do you think – does Garfunkel enjoy a good belly rub?

“No, lady. Pet with BOTH hands!”

Such a gorgeous, silky boy.

“Who, me? Nothing. Certainly not biting that packing strap. I’d never!”

Simon and Garfunkel came through their neutering just fine. They were quiet and skittish when I got them home but with some attention, petting, and liberal use of canned food, they came around. I’m sure that once they realize they can run faster due to their new aerodynamic physiques, they’ll be some happy boys.


This is Sheriff Mama’s look of joy as she calculates just how many tickets she can give you for being in the back yard unsupervised.


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1-28-15 — 13 Comments

  1. Oh, so great to see the pictures of the babies! You are right! SOOOOO tiny and that hug just melts your heart.

    Love me some Kara!!

  2. Adorable pix of the wee babies! Thanks for sharing them along with their story, Byron! Love reading backgrounds!! Garfunkel lovin’ the tummy rubs… So cute!!!

  3. How many tickets would I get if I just squeezed the stuffing out of sweet Kara? Her face just slays me.

  4. uh oh – someone alerted the sheriff to backyard shenanigans.

    cutie boys…love the baby pics. Bless you Byron for getting the kittens to safety and taking care of the moms too.

  5. Byron’s a real sweetheart. thank you sir, for what you’re doing in your complex.

    Of course now I need some pictures of Simon playing with that stuffed kitty.

    • I second that about Byron!! Any chance he can trap those two baby daddies so they can become more aerodynamic too??

  6. They were adorable babies! So glad Byron rescued them from a short life of hardship and struggle out side and gave them a chance at a home of their own where no doubt they’ll be spoiled and pampered.
    Sheriff Momma scares me… Please get back where you belong before she gets really upset!

    • what a clever idea…and what if you used an unwashed shirt, so that it smelled like the cat’s owner to the cat? I bet they might love that even more!